– HDF Melamine wooden doors belong to the industrial wood line that is classified as waterproof and moisture-proof.
– HDF Melamine wood doors belong to the wood model made from natural wood frames and the skeleton is also made from wood pieces, instead of wood pulp and glue like some other industrial wood door lines. This is also an advantage that makes many customers choose because this HDF Melamine wooden door is safe for the environment, and does not contain harmful substances to the user’s health.
Mẫu cửa HDF Melamine Saigondoor
Door model HDF Melamine Saigondoor
– Melamine coating, in addition to waterproofing, is scratch resistant, fire resistant (prevents fire in a certain time) and possesses the appearance of many natural wood door patterns such as Walnut, Cherry, Xoan Dao, Oak Oak,….
– Finally very good durability, long life, light weight. So the quick installation also helps the HDF Melamine wood door model to become the top selling industrial wood door today.
HDF Melamine Saigondoor wooden door structure
HDF Melamine Saigondoor wooden door has the following structure:
– Standard sizes of HDF Melamine wooden doors, width x height: 800 x 2,100 mm or 900 x 2,200 mm (sizes are manufactured separately for customers who need special sized door models on demand).
– The total structure consists of 5 layers, both the wing and the wooden door frame:
(1) The wing is made from a natural/industrial wood frame that has been surface-treated:
+ Outer layer: has 1 Overlay layer.
+ Layer to create wood grain: there is 1 layer of Decorative Paper.
+ Core layer: there are 3 layers of Kraft Paper (Based Paper Layer) tightly bonded together by glue during heating to create high stability.
(2) The door frame is made from a natural wood frame that is dried to ensure NO: shrinkage, warping, termites, …
Application of HDF Melamine wooden doors
Những vị trí lắp đặt cửa gỗ HDF Melamine
Locations for installing HDF Melamine wooden doors
The features and structure of the HDF Melamine wood door model bring buyers many applications in construction projects:
– Type of construction: houses, restaurants, commercial offices, villas, buildings,…
– Type of installation area: door, shelf / partition, room door, bedroom door, bathroom door, toilet, …
HDF Melamine Door Lines
Currently, there are two models of HDF Melamine main doors:
+ Green core: higher price but ensure absolute safety for user’s health and longer life.
+ Normal core (brown core): lower quality than green core, but much cheaper price. Therefore, for projects that do not require too much aesthetics, this HDF Melamine model is the right choice.
Where should HDF Melamine wood doors be placed?
Currently, customers order HDF Melamine wooden doors through more than 12 sales showroom locations and more than 20+ official sales staff nationwide.
With policies on PRIORITY PRICE and commitments on quality. Customers will not have to worry about advice, selection and product life.
Please contact us at the earliest via hotline 0824.400.400 and website saigondoor.vn for the fastest support and the most accurate quote.
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