Detailed description of fireproof wood grain steel doors

The fireproof wood grain steel door model is manufactured based on modern machinery lines, meeting European standards. Therefore, the product quality is always consistent, meeting all projects large and small.
The door is known for its diverse functions such as making room doors, balcony doors, basement doors, back doors… This door can be used with all kinds of locks from mechanical locks to fingerprint locks, magnetic locks or multi-point locks. Okay.
Thanks to the steel structure, the door is very durable, absolutely avoiding smashing, theft, etc. Thereby, it will help bring maximum safety when used for people.
Fire-resistant wood grain steel door model diverse in designs and models, meeting all consumer’s criteria. Thereby giving consumers a wider variety of choices. Constructing perfect, aesthetic works,


Paint color: Powder coating with many different paint colors: milky white, gray, gray, ivory yellow, black…
SAIGONDOOR fire doors have been inspected and certified by the Police Department of Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Rescue, and certified to meet standards and are allowed to be used in fire prevention and fighting work.
Outstanding features of wood grain steel doors
High security: The door is made of steel with impact resistance, fire resistance of 70-90 -120 minutes, safety lock system with multi-point latch to prevent break-in.
High durability: No termites, warping, shrinkage, fading under the impact of weather.
High aesthetics: True color, like real wood, natural and luxurious design.
Economic value: The door price is calculated by square meter, including the door, hinges, frame and seamless molding. After finishing is cheaper than wooden doors.
Meets high fire protection standards licensed by the Fire Department
The door ensures no warping, termites…
Products do not rust, fade, peel
Diverse colors, natural wood grain color
Elegant, sophisticated and modern designs and designs
Solid mold should be easy to install
The brace is ready-made at the factory, so installation is quick and simple
The price of 1-wing wood grain steel door is affordable and suitable



  1. High security
  2. Steel construction, safety locking system with multi-point latch, handle made of INOX304.
  3. Durable
  4. No termites, rust, warping, fading under the impact of weather
  5. High aesthetics
  6. Various colors, natural and luxurious designs.
  7. Environmental friendliness
No closed smell, save the use of natural wood, contribute to environmental protection, Create a more beneficial living environment for health.

The unit that buys reputable 2-wing wood grain steel doors with good price

  • In addition, SAIGONDOOR also manufactures fireproof doors used in large projects such as apartment buildings, office buildings, commercial centers, accompanied by cable ladder accessories, cable trays are electrical racks in home projects. residential, residential….
  • Specifications of fireproof wood grain steel doors
  • Size: produced according to customer requirements.
  • Thickness of winged crab wings: 40 – 100mm
  • Cover frame: 50 x 100mm.
  • Time of fire doors: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes.
  • Material details: (Steel / corrugated iron + Fireproof PU + Steel / corrugated iron)
  • Door shell made of steel CT38 0.8 – 1.2 . thick
  • Steel frame 1.2 – 2.5mm.
  • Anti-intrusion steel mesh reinforcement core
  • Spray anti-fire PU with density from 42-100kg/m3
  • The rubber sealing strip seals the wing slots with anti-smoke effect.
  • Structure of Van Go Steel Door: Since ancient times, wooden doors have been used by Vietnamese families to build a home for their family. However, because natural wood materials are increasingly scarce and exhausted along with deforestation, which devastates the natural environment, so in the current era of modern technology, wood grain steel doors were born. to gradually replace natural wood sources. With its outstanding features, fireproof wood grain steel doors are currently the first choice of many customers.
So, fireproof wood grain steel doors how do they have outstanding features that make them so popular? Let’s learn about the structure of wood grain steel doors!

Structure Of Wood Grain Steel Door:

Wood grain steel door: is a genuine product manufactured on modern lines. Products meet European standards with strict standards for durability and fire prevention. The door will help bring certainty and increase safety when using. The structure of the wood grain steel door consists of 2 parts: the frame and the wing:
Structure of fireproof wood grain steel door frame
Made from electroplated steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm -1.5 mm, through a steel mill to create a multi-ribbed structure that increases the bearing stiffness and firmness of the door frame. The thickness of the door frame is from 50 ~ 100mm, can be adjusted to match the wall thickness. The type of steel for the frame is steel imported from abroad.
The steel door frame is made of electroplated steel material, through the steel rolling machine, it creates a multi-ribbed structure that increases the bearing stiffness and solidity of the door frame. Door mold thickness from 100 ~ 270mm. The mold thickness can be adjusted to suit the masonry wall thickness (from 78 ~ 400 mm).
Accessories – Safety lock system with multi-point latches on the top of the wing, under the wing, 3 points on the side of the wing to create absolute safety when locking the door.
– Lock handle made of stainless steel 304.
– Brass buckle for safety.
– The system of rubber gaskets helps to open and close smoothly, creating a tight seal, soundproofing, and perfect insulation.
Other accessories include: magic eye, doorsilll made of INOX 304, stainless steel hinge system with a special design deep into the door frame to create a solid guarantee for precise and smooth operation.
The door: The wing is 50mm thick, is composed of 3 layers, the 2 outer layers are electroplated steel plates using electrostatic paint to prevent rust, peeling, scratches (automotive coating technology). The blade steel has a thickness of 0.8mm-1.0mm. The middle layer of the door is a honeycomb paper bearing bone system that has the effect of soundproofing, insulating and increasing the stiffness of the wings.– Surface electrostatic painting process:
+ Paint the door surface must go through phosphate treatment, degreasing rust and impurities clinging to the steel plate surface.
+ Paint the background by electrostatic painting technology on the automation line.
+ Create wood grain by heat transfer printing technique.
+ The product is coated with a layer of paint to create gloss for the wood grain to create a uniform color similar to the real wood color.
Door surface: Painted to create wood grain similar to natural wood. Before painting, the door surface must go through phosphate treatment, degreasing rust and impurities clinging to the steel plate surface. After that, the base is painted by electrostatic painting technology on an automatic line, creating wood grain by heat transfer technique at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. Finally, the product is coated with a layer of paint to create a glossy finish for the wood grain to create a uniform color similar to the real wood color.
Pano: Machined on a 3000 ton hydraulic press to decorate the door and create a hard pattern for the door, the panel has many designs, from classic to modern
In addition, the hinge used for the door is a leaf hinge with 4 bearings, made from 304 stainless steel, high-grade stainless steel, making the surface always shiny, not rusty, helping the door open and close smoothly.
The rubber gasket system is manufactured according to automotive gasket technology to help the door operate smoothly, prevent smoke, prevent odors and provide good insulation.
Wood grain steel doors: There are many designs, specifications, fixed sizes available or can be manufactured according to the size required by customers.

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Advantages of Wood Grain Door:
– High security: steel material with safety lock system, modern hinges should definitely help prevent break-ins, protect the safety of the house.
– Fire resistance, good sound insulation.
– Long durability, no rust, warping and shrinkage like other materials.
– High aesthetics due to the design of the real wood grain.
– Easy to use and suitable for many spaces, saving time and maintenance costs..



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