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Wooden doors are a door product with high aesthetic value. The interior space using wooden doors is not only luxurious but also shows the class of the user. Wooden doors have high durability, the lifespan of wooden doors can last up to several decades. However, it is in a dry, non-humid environment. But with the toilet environment, it will be damaged very quickly due to termites and corrosion. So which type of toilet wooden door should you choose?

Cửa gỗ nhà vệ sinh được sản xuất từ những nguyên liệu đặc biệt
Wooden toilet doors are manufactured from special materials
Which type of toilet wooden door should you choose?
Toilet wooden door is a type of wooden door specially manufactured for toilets. Due to frequent contact with water, it is not possible to use natural wood or ordinary industrial wood to install in the toilet. Because these types of wooden doors, if used to install the toilet, are very quickly damaged due to the occurrence of warping, warping, termites. So what kind of wooden door can be installed for the toilet?
When choosing a wooden door to install for the toilet, you should choose a wooden door made of wood plastic composite material. This is a type of toilet wooden door with a very special composition. This type of door is created from composite plastic particles and wood pulp.
Cửa gỗ nhà vệ sinh với hoa văn đơn giản, sang trọng
Wooden toilet door with simple and luxurious pattern
Plastic particles, wood pulp are mixed together, combined with the following additives, poured into the mold and pressed using high-tech presses to form composite wood-plastic panels. To create a wooden toilet door, people use this horse plate and form the shape of the toilet door in accordance with the design of the door.
This type of toilet wooden door has the advantage of being waterproof, so it never happens to be termites, worn or warped. This type of toilet wooden door can overcome the disadvantages of natural wooden doors or industrial wooden doors, but the price is cheap, so this is the first choice, a great solution for the area. toilet.
Construction of the toilet door line
Like many other types of doors, wooden toilet doors are composed of the following parts:
Door frame: The main door frame is the part that surrounds the door, this part is adjacent to the wall, and is attached to the wall. A door set without a door frame will not be stable, the door will not be supported and will be damaged faster.
Door: The main door is the part that occupies the most area of ​​the door set. Depending on the area of ​​​​the different toilet doors, choose the door with the appropriate size. The wooden toilet door has many colors, you can choose to suit yourself.
Splint: The splint is an important part to help cover the gaps between the wall and the door frame.
Where to buy wooden toilet doors?
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