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Original price was: 2.899.999₫.Current price is: 2.599.999₫.

Fire-resistant steel doors are one of the necessary products to prevent fire spread, prevent smoke when a small fire occurs and we have enough time to move property and escape. Fireproof steel doors are not only a product that protects people’s lives when a fire occurs, protects property against theft for your home and family members, but it is also a highlight to make it more beautiful. interior space.

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The outstanding advantages of fireproof steel doors
Usually, depending on the price of the product, there are different types such as being made of one or two layers of fireproof steel of the door. Steel doors have fire resistance along with a powder coating that will help ensure both quality and aesthetics.
The exterior of each fireproof steel sheet is covered with a powder coating, which not only brings in the fireproof effect but also increases the aesthetics of the product and the durability of the door. The average fireproof steel door is (30p, 60p, 90p and normally 120p).
Structure and scientific parameters of fireproof steel doors
Fireproof steel doors, also known as exit steel doors or stair exit doors, are made of steel sheets (2 panels) with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.5mm. Meanwhile, the core is made of honeycomb paper (honeycomb), thermal foam or glass wool.
The door is powder coated, the fire resistance level of the door has 3 commonly used levels of 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes. Fire doors usually have the following accessories: Locks, safety bars, hydraulic retractors, fireproof glass mounting, accessories…
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Detailed structure of fireproof steel door
Currently on the market today there are many types of fire doors with other materials. This also makes the architectural form of the house and room become richer, and can solve all technical problems that wooden doors and glass doors cannot meet.
If you have important documents and intend to keep it in a safe place from fire incidents, then fireproof steel doors are the best choice for you to consider when using.
Advantages of fireproof steel doors
Excellent fire resistance
Fire resistance is probably the main benefit that these doors bring to users. Experts say that houses with solid wooden doors will be more affected than steel doors.
No cracks
This is an advantage of fireproof steel doors, ensuring no cracks.. In winter, in places with excessive humidity, wooden doors often appear cracks, bent or warped. But for steel doors that will never happen.
Ensure customer safety
Safety is the reason why steel fire doors are the first choice when it comes to fire doors today. In addition, the door is also resistant to corrosion, so fireproof steel doors not only protect you from fire but also control the security of your home from bad guys and dangers.
Maintenance convenience
This is probably one reason why fireproof steel doors are used by so many people. Virtually no maintenance is required like other doors made of materials. Just simple cleaning is enough.
Competitive price
Most types of fireproof steel doors on the market have an appropriate price to ensure the best user experience as well as provide a quality life with safety. In addition, this type of door has a long service life without any deterioration or damage!
Thus, if you are looking to buy fireproof steel door products but do not know any reputable and quality address, please contact SAI GON DOOR via hotline 0824.400.400   and website for a free consultation!
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