Wood grain steel doors are familiar products of many customers, receiving many good reviews from architects and contractors. So is this type of door durable, water resistant and what is the cost? Follow the article below with SaiGonDoor to not miss any useful information!

Cửa thép vân gỗ cao cấp SaiGonDoor được nhiều khách hàng tìm mua
SaiGonDoor high-class wood grain steel doors are sought by many customers

What is a wood grain steel door? Are wood grain steel doors waterproof?

Từ bài kiểm tra cho thấy, cửa thép vân gỗ có khả năng chống nước vượt trội
From the test, the wood grain steel door has outstanding water resistance
Wood grain steel doors are made of high-quality, durable steel material, so they have high durability and good resistance to different effects of weather conditions or the outside environment.
Wood grain steel doors originate from Western countries with the original purpose of bringing a product to prevent and limit damage caused by fire and explosion. Besides, Western countries are always looking for suitable materials to replace the old ones, to bring the most useful door models.
Accordingly, wood grain steel doors are only used to ensure safety and prevent fire. Therefore, in commercial centers, schools, hospitals, this door model is very popularly used, receiving many positive feedbacks from customers.
Bên cạnh khả năng chống nước tốt, cửa thép vân gỗ còn ngăn được lửa và khói
In addition to good water resistance, wood grain steel doors also prevent fire and smoke
And when it comes to the Vietnamese and Chinese markets, to match the aesthetics, tastes and markets, manufacturers have painted a layer of wood grain on the surface to create a color layer, detailed lines like wooden doors. traditional.
Since then, wood grain steel doors have been well received and loved by many customers, commonly used as gate doors, main doors, room doors, bedroom doors, windows for townhouses, apartments, and offices.
According to many experts, this type of door is extremely good at fire resistance, soundproofing and insulation. ensure the safety and privacy of users. With modern production technology and high quality steel materials, wood grain steel doors have a lifespan of 20-30 years.
Wood grain steel doors do not warp, termite, shrink or crack like some other doors. Every year, you can save on repair or replacement costs. The product is installed in many positions and still retains the original color.
Cửa thép vân gỗ cao cấp SaiGonDoor có giá thành phải chăng
SaiGonDoor high-grade wood grain steel door has an affordable price
Thanks to the beautiful wood grain surface, the wood grain steel door has a very high aesthetic, impressive and attractive to the viewer, and at the same time shows the distinct style of the owner. Styles and colors are suitable for many different interior trends.
As customers can see, the big plus of wood grain steel doors is extremely good fire and water resistance. Water resistance is appreciated more than traditional wooden door models.
With a few basic steps to test the water resistance of wood grain steel doors, the quality of this door is clearly visible. Products are affordable, suitable for the needs of many customers.
SaiGonDoor - địa chỉ cung cấp cửa thép vân gỗ uy tín, chất lượng
SaiGonDoor – a reputable and quality supplier of wood grain steel doors
Wood grain steel doors are a new product line that meets the basic criteria of quality and design. This will be the perfect solution for the modern living space of young people in apartments and apartments.
If you are interested in SaiGonDoor high-grade wood grain steel doors, please contact us via hotline: 0824.400.400 to receive direct product advice.



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