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Korean high-class wooden doors are very popular with construction contractors. From eye-catching design to modern style and receive high appreciation from users. In addition, the difference compared to other traditional door models is that Korean high-class wooden doors are water resistant, bearing and very long life. In particular, the price is cheaper than the natural wood door models, so it is more and more popular with customers.
And to learn the characteristics, structure and composition of wooden doors, let’s refer to the following article with Saigon Wood Floor!
Introducing Korean high-class wooden doors
Những mẫu cửa gỗ cao cấp Hàn Quốc
Korean high-class wooden door models
Korean high-class wooden door is a line of industrial wooden doors. Unlike ABS plastic doors or fireproof steel doors in the door frame structure, Korean high-class wooden doors are made from natural wood, bringing high values ​​to customers:
– High door aesthetics. Possessing design lines and patterns stylized both traditional and modern models. Suitable for any interior design classic or modern.
– The price is cheaper than the natural door. But retain the aroma characteristics, wood color and average life of over 20 years.
– Designed according to customer requirements and in accordance with the size requirements of the door frame. Along with many different door styles: swing opening, sliding folding or sliding.
Korean high-class wooden door structure
Korean high-class wooden door structure consists of 3 layers:
– The innermost layer is made of Melaleuca/pine core.
– The second layer is HDF/MDF surrounding the inner layer to create a solid frame for the door.
– The third layer is decorated with more patterns. These patterns are programmed on a digital milling machine. And be changed according to customer needs (order in bulk). Then cover the outer PVC layer to make the door easy to clean, water resistant, soundproof, heat insulated and increase impact resistance.
In addition, depending on the line of Korean high-class wood used for fireproof or water-resistant doors, additional layers/components will be added to ensure the highest quality doors.
Korean high-end wooden door application
Cửa gỗ cao cấp Hàn Quốc được lắp ở cửa ra vào căn hộ chung cư
Korean high-class wooden doors are installed at the door of the apartment
Aiming at the segment of customers who have high requirements on the aesthetics and quality of Korean high-class wooden doors. Therefore, these Korean specialized doors will be applied in most construction works: civil works, commercial works.
However, depending on each item, Korean high-class wooden doors can play the role of fireproof doors, doors for installation of high water contact areas (toilet/bathroom, …) Therefore, The price and type of door will be selected according to the needs.
How to order high quality Korean wooden doors with good price
SAIGONDOOR Premium Wooden Door brand, is the trademark of WIN Technical and Service Trading Joint Stock Company with more than 10 years of expertise in research, production and distribution of high-class door lines. Among them, the most beautiful and unique Korean door models are one of our best-selling interior doors.
With ISO certifications, conformity certification according to Vietnamese standards, SAIGONDOOR is a reliable and reputable address to become a partner of all projects.
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