High-class wooden door Saigondoor is a brand of door products in a series of showroom systems. Specializes in manufacturing and distributing high quality industrial wooden doors at affordable prices to suit all customer needs. On top of that, Saigon Door also has SPECIAL sales policies that come with a variety of models, types of wooden doors and price segments.
And to find out the most detailed information, as well as the special features of Saigondoor that make up the leading prestigious door brand today, go through the following article!
Introducing Saigondoor high-class wooden door
Hình ảnh thực tế công trình sử dụng cửa gỗ cao cấp Saigondoor
Actual image of the project using high-class wooden doors Saigondoor
Saigondoor high-class wooden doors are manufactured from moisture-proof green core MDF panels covered with high-grade imported Melamine or Laminate.
Produced on advanced lines, the entire production stage is synchronized. This has helped Saigondoor to have a much cheaper production price for domestic wooden doors than imported ones with the same model and similar specifications.
Therefore, customers will be the most valuable people today. When you just need to drop the price 30-40% lower than the price of imported doors, but the quality and durability are over 20 years. And affirming, Vietnamese brand is not inferior to foreign competitors. At the same time, it is a reliable address for all partners with great needs, construction contractors and individual customers.
Construction of high-class wooden doors Saigondoor
Currently, to ensure that Saigondoor high-class wooden doors are suitable for Vietnam’s climate, as well as to ensure the committed life. Then each Saigondoor door model has the following common structures:
– The core layer of pine wood is kiln-dried according to the standards. And then laminated into thick board by hydraulic press, size from 22-25mm.
– Green core MDF layer, moisture-proof and safe for users’ health. Thickness 6-8mm, providing moisture-proof, waterproof effect for specialized door lines in the bathroom and toilet area.
– The outermost layer of PVC is covered. And decorated by a line of digital milling machines that help Saigondoor catch the “trend” of “hot” wooden door models in developed countries. At the same time bring diversity to customers. Each customer can choose the design according to their needs, including large and small quantities, ensuring the exact ratio of the printed pattern, which is beautiful and durable.
And separate structure for the line of fireproof doors brand Saigondoor. Adding glass wool core, coating with PU finishing paint and fire retardant grout to prevent smoke and fire.
Application of high-class wooden doors Saigondoor
Một số dòng cửa gỗ cao cấp được ứng dụng nhiều nhất
Some of the most used high-end wooden doors
From the durability that comes from the quality inside the structure of high-class wooden doors Saigondoor has brought new opportunities for both the market and our company’s development plan. Specifically:
– Being a partner of many construction contractors nationwide.
– Is a line of Vietnamese brand doors, widely applied in the construction of high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, houses, villas or high-class hotels and resorts.
– Suitable for most door installation positions: doors, room doors, waterproof doors, fire doors,…
Classification and contact to order wooden doors Saigondoor
Currently, Saigondoor wooden doors are divided into 3 door lines: high-class Saigondoor wooden doors used exclusively for common aisle areas; PVC high-grade wooden doors for bathrooms and toilets; High quality fireproof wooden doors dedicated to fire safety standards.
And for more details, as well as our support to quote, choose the right door line, please contact us via hotline 0824.400.400 And for the fastest response.
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