Wood plastic composite is an increasingly popular and popular material, considered a perfect replacement for natural wood in today’s buildings. Grasping the market demand, SaiGonDoor would like to send to our customers the composite plastic door catalog, the composite wood plastic door catalog, the latest update.


Catalogue cửa nhựa gỗ Composite mới nhất

I- Catalog of composite doors

1.1. What are composite doors?
Composite plastic doors are high-class doors commonly used, the first choice of families today. Composite plastic door products are termite-proof, absolute moisture-proof, highly water-resistant, suitable for use as bathroom doors, toilet doors and in harsh environments.
The product has a beautiful design, a harmony between classic and modern, suitable for all interior design styles in your home. Especially overcome the disadvantage of heavy weight of natural wood but the aesthetic is no less than that of natural wood.

Cửa nhựa Composite

1.2 What is the structure of Composite plastic doors?
Composite plastic doors are made from a number of natural, safe and environmentally friendly materials: manufactured from wood pulp and PVC used in clean water pipes, without using adhesives or toxic additives. under high pressure conditions. The final product is an extremely strong and durable door.

Catalogue cấu tạo cửa nhựa Composite

1.3. Catalog of plastic composite doors
SaiGonDoor owns a Composite Plastic Door Catalog that is regularly updated to keep up with trends, diverse designs.
Based on the difference in surface coating materials, the Composite plastic door product line is divided into different types:
  • Composite doors of Son Van Go series -Luxury (symbol LX)
  • Composite doors with PU paint series (symbol SYA).
  • Wood plastic composite door with leather line (symbol SYB)

Catalogue cua nhua Composite Nov 01 01 02Catalogue cua nhua Composite Nov 01 01 05

Catalogue cửa nhựa Composite

Catalogue cửa nhựa Composite

Catalogue cửa nhựa Composite

II – Catalog of wood-plastic composite doors

2.1. What is Composite Wood Plastic Door?
Composite wood doors or have different names such as “composite doors”, “composite doors”, … are a line of high-class imitation wood plastic doors made from wood plastic – a type of plastic composite material from natural fibers. Wood resin is the result of a combination of wood pulp and resin, mixing a ratio of industrial glue to form a cellulose additive. Composite wood door surface is covered with PVC film to increase scratch resistance. The wood imitation layer on the surface of the door is meticulously designed from the extremely attractive and beautiful wood grain lines next to the natural wood grain.
Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, the wood grain does not fade over time and is easy to clean. Currently, wood plastic composite material is used a lot and is gradually becoming popular in the furniture market.

Cửa nhựa gỗ Composite 

2.2 What is the structure of Composite wood plastic doors?

  • Wood plastic composite doors are made from fine wood pulp taken from natural wood blocks, mixed with the ratio of PVC resin and some additives.
  • Composite wood plastic doors have a monolithic structure, the wing structure is made of molded plastic, extremely solid.
  • The framed door is covered with high quality wood plastic powder.
  • The wing surface is covered with wood grain.

2.3. Catalog of wood plastic composite doors

Proud to be a unit that has gained the trust of many customers, the unit always accompanies providing door products for all projects from houses, apartments, school offices, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. ..
The works constructed by SaiGonDoor always ensure the quality, meet the aesthetic requirements and are highly appreciated. Here are some of the latest updated Saigondoor Composite door catalogs:


Catalogue cửa nhựa gỗ Composite

Catalogue cửa nhựa gỗ Composite

Prestigious address to choose Composite plastic door catalog
Thanks to the outstanding advantages and popularity in the market, Composite plastic door products are more sought after by customers, so there are more and more units producing and supplying Composite wood doors. However, not every place can bring peace of mind to customers. In fact, there are many units that provide customers with poor quality products. In order for customers to have the best shopping experience, in addition to price and product quality, consulting, installation and warranty services are also important factors that need to be taken care of.
Coming to us, customers will experience full and updated composite wood plastic door catalogs regularly to catch up with market trends. SaiGonDoor always brings customers quality products at affordable prices. SaiGonDoor’s products are always strictly inspected at all stages of production to ensure the best products reach consumers. The unit receives construction and installation of all projects across the country, meeting the requirements of customers.
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