Warranty, Exchange and Return, Refund


We only warrant for doors/frames under our brand due to manufacturing defects for a period of 01 year from the date of delivery. Warranty products are provided by the company itself. Warranty only applies to the first owner, direct purchaser (contractor/agent/buyer) and does not apply to third party owners.


The standard warranty period is 01 year from the date of delivery. Our company only warrants for door products manufactured by the company, including the door and frame if there is a manufacturing defect.


Products at saigondoor.vn must be installed according to the technical instructions included in each package, website or other written instructions.
– The product has a warranty period as specified in Section A, the warranty period is calculated from the date the goods are delivered to the customer based on the delivery note of saigondoor.vn.


When detecting the product’s non-conformity, please immediately contact: our  SHOWROOM OR TTDV & Customer Service.
  • Address: No. 511 Le Van Luong, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC
  • Phone: Phone: 0818.400.400 – Tax code: 0313502456
Time to consider the cause and send a notice on how to handle and fix it to the customer does not exceed 3 days from the date of receiving the warranty claim. For products damaged due to our cause, customers will be provided with new or repaired free of charge.


Products installed outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight or environments affected by chemicals
– The product is used in an environment with water or high humidity
– Scratches, breaks, deformations or other causes of damage caused by improper use
– Use of products and accessories that are not compatible with our own.


– Order: customers deposit 40% of the order/contract value, if the customer cancels, the deposit will be lost. In case the customer has not received the goods. And beyond 10 days from the date of delivery notice, the customer has to bear an additional 15% of the product storage fee and lasts no more than 30 days.
– Delivery: Collect the full amount owed when receiving the goods. If there is no consignee or failure to pay enough money on delivery, we will deliver the goods to the door, the customer will come to the company’s factory to pick up the goods and bear all costs incurred.
– Return and exchange: the company will recall the new, uninstalled interior door product, within the standard size specification, which is widely used in the market of industrial wooden doors, Korean plastic doors. , Composite plastic doors, fireproof wooden doors, fireproof steel doors and interior of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes of the company and are considered for return, we will collect 65% of the product value. If the product has been delivered to the house/work, the customer will bear the cost of transporting it to the company’s warehouse.


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