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Wooden doors are one of the most commonly constructed door lines in construction projects and are also the oldest door line today.
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Natural wood door series

Specifically, on the market there are the following types of wooden doors:

High quality natural wood doors.
Fireproof industrial wooden door.
HDF industrial wooden door.
MDF doors.
Melamine industrial wood door.
Laminate industrial wood door.
PVC coated wooden door.
High quality Korean wooden door.
In it, we can clearly see two lines of natural and industrial wooden doors. In particular, the industrial wood door line brings more choices to the market.
If natural wooden doors are about luxury, classic and rich, each line of industrial wooden doors is geared towards comfort, modernity and lifestyle.
Therefore, in order to choose the right door line, many different criteria need to be considered.

Criteria for choosing the right wooden door line

– Criteria for aesthetics: industrial wooden doors are chosen more due to the variety of door models and colors.
– Criteria for durability: traditional wooden doors are the number 1 choice, lifespan up to hundreds of years.
– Price criteria: expensive, high-class prices, choose traditional wooden doors. For a moderate price but with sophistication and modernity, choose industrial wooden doors.
– Criteria for the application of wooden doors in living space:
HDF . industrial wooden door series
+ What type of construction works: office buildings, commercial centers, theaters, private houses, villas,…
+ Installation area: door to room, main/extra door, bathroom/toilet door, emergency exit door, door to fire prone area (warehouse, cinema, karaoke room,…).
+ How to arrange furniture or install wooden doors based on the “eye” of the interior designer.
Wood door construction
The element of wooden door structure will determine the quality and average life of each door line. And each complete set of wooden doors is composed of the following 3 parts:
– Door frame/door frame: Made from natural/industrial door frame.
– The door: depending on the type of wooden door, the door is structured differently, and the shape also has a commensurate difference.
– Accessories: accessories include many parts: door lock accessories, hinges, door gaskets, … and screws, glue used to glue the door during construction.
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