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Wood plastic door is a plastic door product whose main component is wood plastic. This is a very safe primary plastic for users because it does not contain harmful chemicals. Thereby giving people a green, clean and beautiful living environment.

Cửa nhựa gỗ ghép thanh có giá trị thẩm mỹ cao
Wooden plastic doors with high aesthetic value
The introduction of wooden plastic doors is an inevitable need. Because our natural forests are gradually depleted. Natural wood resources are gradually scarce, so products made from natural wood are extremely expensive. That makes the majority of people have to look for other cheaper door products. And the wooden plastic door with bars is such a product.
Wood grain plastic doors have the main components are plastic and wood pulp. The combination of these two materials has created a product with a natural color like wood that does not warp, termites like plastic. Especially not waterproof. Laminated wood plastic doors have many different designs and can be installed in many different locations.
Structure of wooden plastic doors with bars?
Like many other types of doors, wood plastic doors are composed of 3 main parts: the door frame. door and splint, only molding.
The main door frame is the part that surrounds the directly mounted door and the wall. The door frame plays an important role in increasing the strength of the door. The product is made of wood grain plastic.
The door: This is the main part of the wood grain plastic door. The door is assembled from many different wood grain plastic bars. The style and design of the wood grain plastic door depends entirely on the shape of the door frame.
Splints, moldings: Although not the main structural part of the door, it is not possible without it. Splints and moldings are only used to cover the gaps between the wall and the door frame.
What is the application of laminated wood plastic doors?
Laminated wood plastic doors have many outstanding advantages such as: light weight, high durability, luxurious natural color, and easy and quick installation. Because of those advantages, more and more people choose this product in their living space.
You can install laminated wood plastic doors in many different locations such as: room door, balcony door, bathroom door, restroom door, window, bedroom door, meeting room, living room, room. eat….
Cửa nhựa gỗ ghép thanh được lắp đặt ở nhiều vị trí khác nhau
Wood plastic doors are installed in many different positions
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A quality product such as a wood-plastic door without quality standards will not be able to achieve the desired use value. Therefore, when buying products, you should buy at reputable sellers to ensure the best product quality.
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