Fire-resistant wooden doors are doors manufactured to meet fire resistance when a fire occurs. Depending on the building materials and the thickness of the door, the duration of fire resistance is different. Today, almost all high-rise buildings, villas, offices, apartments have this type of door installed.

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Fireproof wooden doors prevent fire when there is a fire
Fireproof wooden doors are widely used for high-class apartment buildings, apartments or offices. Having the advantage of meeting aesthetic requirements and ensuring fire safety.
Fireproof wooden doors made of high-quality wood, have effective fire resistance, heat resistance in high temperature conditions, durable and can be used for a long time. Not only that, the door also has a beautiful design, suitable for installation and application in different projects.
1. Outstanding advantages of fireproof wooden doors
Safeguarding for users
You are completely safe to use with all kinds of fireproof door products such as: fireproof steel core wooden door, fireproof mdf wood door, fireproof wood veneer door, wood grain fireproof door, imitation wood fireproof steel door. fireproof wood grain steel doors).
Because the risk of fire and explosion will always be at a high level. The door surface is also covered with a layer of natural veneer and finished with PU coating. Due to the use of advanced European wood door manufacturing techniques, the characteristics of this fire door are absolutely no less than any other wooden door model.
Non-toxic, odorless insulation
Insulation materials are non-toxic, odorless, dust-free and are sure to stay safe in any situation. Accordingly, fire doors also have other advantages such as high durability, sound insulation, heat insulation, low electrical conductivity, cheap price and durability over time.
Fireproof wooden door products are the best choice to use for families and buildings today. Please contact Saigon Wooden Door for a quote on quality fireproof wooden doors, preferential prices!
Prevent the spread of smoke, good fire
Because with designs and designs with fireproof gaskets, when the temperature reaches 900 C, the gasket will turn into glue by itself. Make the cocoon fit between the door and the mold.
This will help prevent the spread of smoke and help control the fire if something goes wrong, reduce the situation if someone is inside or in other words, prolong the time to escape.
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Saigon Door ensures quality, beautiful design
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