High-quality cheap Korean ABS plastic doors are currently the most popular door model in Vietnam. With sales of thousands of models per month, what is so special about this door set? Discover with Saigon Door in the article below.

1. Detailed structure of cheap high-quality Korean ABS plastic doors at Saigon Door

High quality cheap Korean ABS plastic doors are made from 2 main materials: Honeycomb honeycomb paper and Korean ABS plastic.
Cửa nhựa ABS Hàn Quốc cao cấp giá rẻ phù hợp với khí hậu và môi trường Việt Nam
High quality cheap Korean ABS plastic doors suitable for Vietnam’s climate and environment

ABS is a flexible plastic consisting of 3 main components from Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Stirene. Manufactured under a strict process, this plastic possesses outstanding features compared to traditional lines. With firm hardness, glossy and much more supple.

Cửa nhựa ABS sở hữu nhiều ưu điểm nổi bật
ABS plastic doors have many outstanding advantages
The layer of honeycomb paper in the middle helps the door set to have extremely effective sound resistance and heat insulation. Not only that, they also help the door body not to be hollow to increase the rigidity of the wing.
The door frame is assembled from PVC Foam bars with a surface covered with 100% real wood grain. Not only brings high aesthetic beauty to the building but also has optimal water resistance.
Đa dạng các mẫu cửa nhựa giả gỗ ABS chất lượng, giá tốt tại Sài Gòn Door
Diverse models of quality ABS wood plastic doors, good prices at Saigon Door

2. Outstanding advantages of cheap high-end Korean ABS plastic doors

High-quality cheap Korean ABS plastic doors possess for themselves countless outstanding features that you can hardly miss. First of all, it has a very unique design with a variety of designs and models. Not only that, the door surface also has a very good gloss and colorfastness compared to conventional doors.
Cửa nhựa ABS Hàn Quốc cứng hơn, bóng hơn và dẻo dai hơn
Korean ABS plastic doors are harder, more glossy and more supple
Besides, with luxurious and delicate wood grain colors, it is suitable for installation in many different spaces. Depending on the style of the room or preferences, customers can ask the technician team at Saigon Door to perform.
Not only that, high-quality cheap Korean ABS plastic doors are also suitable for installation in locations with high humidity, frequent contact with water. For example, toilet, bathroom, balcony door, room door, main door…
Lắp đặt phù hợp tại nhiều không gian khác nhau
Suitable for installation in many different spaces
The ability to silence and heat insulation of the door set is also a feature that you cannot ignore. With such values ​​and conveniences, you can install the door set in many locations without worrying about being picky.
Durability up to decades without shrinking, warping or fluctuating before any impact is also the reason why the door set scores in the eyes of customers. In addition, the quick installation and shipping time makes the door set perfect for commercial centers, offices, townhouses…
When you come to Saigon Door, you will be consulted by a dedicated staff. Helping you own the best door set for your home at the best price today.
To own yourself high-end Korean ABS plastic door models with cheap price at Saigon Door. Please contact us via HOTLINE: 0824.400.400 or leave a message on the website: https://saigondoor.vn/.



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