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Hotel room wooden door is a type of door made of wood, which can be natural wood, industrial wood, wood plastic composite. Depending on the different door positions, the hotel owner should choose the appropriate door type.
Natural wooden door
The advantage of natural wooden doors is that they have high aesthetic value and luxury, showing the class of the hotel. Natural wooden doors have high durability However, the disadvantage of this type of wooden doors is poor fire resistance. Natural wooden doors catch fire quickly, if there is a fire, the fire will explode very quickly. This type of door absorbs water well, so it is not suitable for water environments. In the water environment, natural wooden doors are susceptible to termites and quickly damaged. Therefore, it should not be installed in the location of the bathroom or toilet.

Cửa gỗ tự nhiên
Natural wooden door

Industrial wood doors in terms of durability will not have a long life like natural wood, but the color and aesthetic value are not inferior to natural wood. Ordinary industrial wooden doors have poor fire resistance and low water resistance, so they are not installed in water environments. Hotel wooden door – HDF Melamnine wooden door

Cửa gỗ nhựa composite
Wood plastic composite door
But with modern technology has produced fireproof wooden doors. To ensure safety in all cases, it is best to choose this type of door.
Wood plastic composite door
This is a new type of wooden door invented in recent years. This type of door can overcome all weaknesses of natural wood doors and industrial wooden doors. This is a product made from composite resin and wood pulp. This type of door can meet both conditions of good fire resistance and waterproofing, and the price is cheap. So this is the perfect choice for any space.
Wood plastic composite doors Structure of hotel room wooden doors
Just like any other normal door. The hotel room wooden door is composed of the following parts:
Door frame: This is the part in direct contact with the wall. The frame makes the door more stable.
Door: The door is the part that takes up the most space in the door set.
Extrusion, splint: This part helps to close the gaps between the wall and the door frame.
Door accessories: all kinds of accessories are made of metal. It is recommended to use accessories that are compatible with the door to ensure easier use.
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