HDF Veneer wooden door is a line of industrial wood doors made from a type of industrial board. Depending on the facility, origin and domestic or imported goods, HDF wooden doors are covered with different veneers. At the same time, the lifespan and cost from here also have a difference. To help you read more about this special line of industrial wood, please refer to the following article with Saigondoor!
Introduction of wooden doors HDF Veneer
First of all, HDF wooden doors are general industrial wooden doors and belong to the line of plywood doors, not lumber doors like other high-end wooden doors.

Mẫu cửa gỗ HDF Veneer làm cửa trong phòng cách
HDF Veneer wooden door model as a door in a room
Based on compression technology and formula mixing ratio of natural wood pulp, glue and additives (prevent mildew, moisture resistance). Each company that produces wooden doors will have different golden ratios as well as bring the quality, efficiency and safety of this wooden door line.
Second, Veneer or Melamine, Laminate are manufacturers naming different lines of HDF wood lines. In particular, Veneer is the name of HDF wooden doors specializing in wood grain and natural wood textures such as: car seat veneer, cherry veneer, peach veneer, oak veneer….
Finally, it can be understood that the HDF Veneer wooden door is a line of industrial wood boards, and is shaped to bring the same visual effect as a natural wooden door.
HDF Veneer wood door structure
At Saigondoor, the structure of HDF Veneer wooden doors will depend on the types of doors manufactured for any needs that can be changed or added with appropriate components. However, in general, the HDF Veneer door structure will be made up of 4 main components:
(1) Wood veneer door.
Made from a natural wood core skeleton, machined and flattened when put together. Then, cover the HDF panels with a thickness of 3-6mm and finally coat with Veneer and PU paint according to natural wood door patterns. Standard door thickness 38-40mm.
(2) Door frame or door frame.
There are three types of molds: natural door frames, wooden door frames, and industrial wooden door frames. Standard thickness 40x110mm.
(3) Wooden door brace and thread.
Includes industrial wood braces, natural wood braces, natural wood braces that match the bar and paint the color in sync with the door.
(4) Supplied accessories.
Are all necessary accessories of the door to complete the door, and come from Hafele, New Era, Blum, Cariny, etc.
HDF Veneer wood door application
Cửa gỗ HDF Veneer lắp đặt tại nhà riêng và cửa thông phòng
HDF Veneer wooden door installed in private house and room door
The line of HDF Veneer wooden doors with Saigondoor brand is favored by customers because of many advantages such as:
– No warping, shrinking, termites.
– Environmentally friendly, safe for users’ health.
– Warehouse of wooden doors up to hundreds of different HDF Veneer door models.
– Low cost, quick construction and installation.
Should be suitable for many applications as wooden doors, doors or main doors for apartments, high-class villas …
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