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Wood imitation plastic door or wood grain plastic door is a line of plastic doors that on the surface of the door is covered with a layer of wood grain on the outside. This faux wood grain is textured and has the exact same color as natural wood, giving it a very authentic feel.
The raw materials used to make wooden doors are high-grade PVC and ABS plastic beads. These plastic granules are pressed and pressed into plastic sheets by modern and advanced machinery lines to form the door.


Wood imitation plastic doors have high durability, good water resistance, no mold, warping or termites like with natural wooden doors. Especially the color of the product does not fade over time. Wood imitation plastic doors are cheap, so it is suitable for the financial conditions of the majority of the population of Vietnam. That’s why more and more people choose to use this product.
Wood imitation plastic doors have many different types: Korean wood ABS plastic doors, high quality wood grain composite doors, Taiwan imitation wood plastic doors, Sungyu wood grain imitation plastic doors….
Components of wood imitation plastic doors
The main ingredient used to make fake wood doors is PVC. The virgin PVC particles through the process of processing and pressing will be formed into door panels of different shapes depending on the wishes of the manufacturer.
PVC plastic after being molded will be put together to form a large plastic sheet. The surface of the door will be covered with a layer of leather with the same color and grain as real wood, which looks extremely beautiful. This skin is also made from plastic, so the wood grain plastic door can be extremely waterproof.
The application of wood imitation plastic doors
Wood imitation plastic doors are an extremely superior product that not only brings the beauty of natural wood, but wood grain plastic doors also have many outstanding advantages, so it is applied in many different cases:
Cửa nhựa giả gỗ được lắp ở nhiều vị trí khác nhau
Wood imitation plastic doors are installed in many different positions
The door has good water resistance: Because it is made of plastic, the product is not waterproof. Therefore, it is often used in frequently humid environments such as bathrooms and toilets.
Because it is made of plastic, the product is guaranteed not to warp, crack under weather conditions. That is why wooden doors are used in many different environments such as indoors and outdoors. This is a product that is used a lot for the position of the balcony, where often subjected to the instabilities of the weather.
The surface of the plastic door has a beautiful glossy wood grain, bright colors that look like real wood. Therefore, it has a high aesthetic value, so it is chosen to be installed in many different spaces such as houses, offices…. And no matter what space it appears in, it also makes that space invisible. same luxury.
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