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Fireproof wall is a line of walls made up of special insulation layers. Helps prevent fire and explosion, preventing fire from spreading to other areas when a fire occurs at locations in high-rise buildings, warehouses, workshops, etc., helping to prolong the time it takes for people to figure out how to handle it. like a safe escape from a fire.
Fireproof glass partition can avoid and reduce the risk of fire
Fire-resistant walls are now very popularly used for houses, apartments, high-rise buildings to hospitals, schools, offices, factories, warehouses, etc. to prevent risks as well as fires occurring at the same time. time to prevent the spread of fire.
The wall is used specifically as follows:
Making walls in rooms, in the house: bedroom, living room, dining room…
Install partitions in the kitchen area, usually using fire and gas.
Making partitions between areas of warehouses and workshops. Especially warehouses and workshops with a lot of inflammable and explosive materials such as gasoline, oil, electronic equipment, papers, etc.
Advantages and disadvantages of fireproof walls Fireproof glass walls with modern design and high aesthetics Advantages
Fire-resistant walls have many outstanding advantages, so they are most commonly used today. Take a look at the following advantages in detail:
High stability due to tight, stable structure from KHS fireproof layers and other insulating building materials.
Hard to crack or appear holes. Prevents fire, heat and toxic gas from spilling through the wall very well..
The fireproof wall also resists mold and termites after a long time of use without any damage.
It can be easily constructed and installed in high-rise areas of the building.
The fireproof wall can be easily disassembled to move or replace without causing any damage to the structure of the house.
High aesthetics, suitable for all interior and design personality.
Fire-resistant walls have some advantages like construction workers, construction workers need to ensure that they are highly skilled and meticulous when installing. Therefore, it is necessary to find a good technician when installing to ensure its standards and functions.
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