SaiGonDoor Group Joint Stock Company was established in 2010 with the brand SAIGONDOOR. Over 10 years of establishment and development, the company has successfully achieved many outstanding achievements. To do that, it is impossible not to mention the leader and great merits of CEO TRAN VAN LAM.

CEO Trần Văn Lãm
CEO Tran Van Lam is the owner of SaiGonDoor Corporation


SAI GON DOOR COMPANY was born on the cooperation from WIN Trading, Service and Technical Joint Stock Company, when the Board of Directors had a plan to wish to separate SaiGonDoor company into a subsidiary of WIN JSC specializing in on the field of sales management, care and development of the company’s agents. And the slogan SaiGonDoor: “Improve the value of life” means that the company wishes to bring customers quality product experiences at reasonable prices and when using SaiGonDoor products, customers feel high value. for family life.

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– WIN Joint Stock Company was born in 2010 with the SaiGonDoor brand with the initial orientation as a company specializing in the supply of electromechanical equipment, construction materials, investment and civil and industrial construction. Particularly, the furniture industry of WIN company also has a separate direction to develop into a separate company, managing the SaiGonDoor brand. And 2015 is the mark of the company’s strong development in furniture, manufacturing industrial wooden doors, high-grade plastic doors, fireproof doors and furniture in Vietnam market.

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– SaiGonDoor Group has so far developed and invested more than 20 luxury showroom systems with full products, and has more than 2 door and furniture factories in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai and Binh Duong. The factory system is invested with new and modern machinery and equipment to meet the needs of production progress and ensure high aesthetic quality.

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– SaiGonDoor agent system stretches across provinces and cities nationwide, meeting the needs of customers who need to see actual product display samples, Authorized dealer system nationwide to create prestige and trust of customers. goods to SaiGonDoor products.

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– SaiGonDoor personnel are well-trained, from the sales department, market sales, consultants, debt accountants, design engineers, supervisors and a team of construction and installation technicians with many years of experience. Particularly, the interior and door workshop department is recruited a team of skilled workers who are enthusiastic about the profession. Annually recruited to train additional resources for SaiGonDoor company.

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– CEO Tran Van Lam was born on June 30, 1982 at Tay Ninh Bridge, studied and worked in Ho Chi Minh City.
– Year 2000: Studied at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
– 2005: mechanical and electrical engineering engineer
– 2010: Sales Director of C&D Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors cum Deputy Director of WIN JSC
– Year 2015: Up to now, General Director cum CEO of SaiGonDoor Group Joint Stock Company



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  • In the early years of establishment of SaiGonDoor, the company faced many difficulties from capital, human resources to operating the company to survive and develop. But for CEO Mr. Tran Van Lam initially manually set up the entire company apparatus from the very beginning.
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  • Currently, SaiGonDoor is thriving and is a big brand in the door and furniture industry. It is not easy to run a well-developed corporate group. To do that, more than anyone else Mr. Tran Van Lam is a captain who steers the company in the right direction and carries a great responsibility and mission for the company to exist and thrive as it is today. That mission and vision is to constantly strive to learn new things, improve knowledge, always improve technology innovation, bring new products and new applications to improve customers’ products. New best quality products at reasonable prices, the factory company always standardizes the production process to provide the best quality products. With the orientation of doing the right thing right from the beginning, customer first, product quality is priority, dedicated customer service, enthusiastic advice, good after-sales service and warranty have created a prestigious brand. SaiGonDoor.

  • In order to bring a quality product at a reasonable price to consumers, CEO Tran Van Lam has introduced the motto “Do it right from the beginning” and SaiGonDoor company has made great efforts to find stable supply of good materials in terms of quality, imported from reputable manufacturers in the world, and at the same time strictly control the input supply with full CO/CQ documents of origin of raw materials Importing and inspecting raw materials before warehousing, the company trains the quality control department to monitor the production process in a synchronous manner, workers are always trained in skills, engineers and management department production is always updated with production knowledge and management training every year, the stages of inspection of finished goods and packaging are paid attention by SaiGonDoor to check the quality before shipment. The company departments of SaiGonDoor are always updated with knowledge about each product line from the factory department to the consultant, the sales project department, customer care, the accounting department, the warehouse management department, the debt department, the team of technical engineers to supervise the works, the installation and construction department. We focus on training our staff so that we can provide the best customer care advice.
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  • An indispensable department to produce new products is SaiGonDoor’s R&D product design and development department, which always exchanges and trains knowledge on advanced technology design as well as continuous improvement activities. to produce many impressive modern beautiful product designs, create many products for many different segments and to give customers more opportunities to choose more suitable for their needs. With a variety of products in each item, SaiGonDoor company has set prices from low to high depending on each type and depending on customer needs, there are many product segments from popular to high-end, for customers to easily The choice depends on the financial ability as well as the taste and quality of each product.
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  • Next is the sales department including the project sales department, the retail department, the market development department, the retail agency department, the sales service department and customer care department, which was chaired by Mr. Tran Van Lam. Equally important, because this is the face of the company, always well-trained to be fully equipped with knowledge, sales skills, experience so that employees know how to handle orders. customers, take care of customers and provide customers with necessary information about products in order to give customers the most satisfying shopping experience. At the same time, the after-sales customer care department is also interested by Mr. Lam to find out if customers are satisfied with their purchases at SaiGonDoor, so that the Board of Directors of the company promptly corrects them. departments and divisions to make customers as satisfied as possible.

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  • In addition, the technical department to supervise installation and maintenance is equally focused by Mr. LAM. SAIGONDOOR’s team of supervisors engineers, technicians and installers are trained with full knowledge, skills, and good experience to give customers a complete product experience. most nostalgic. Tran Van Lam is very interested in after-sales service, because this is an important position to create trust for customers who have trusted and created a high reputation for SaiGonDoor company.
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  • For a CEO: Mr. TRAN VAN LAM has many concerns and wishes to bring to customers and the social community the best benefits from SaiGonDoor’s products. Therefore, all promotions, discounts and after-sales, warranty, return policy, complaints, etc. are also carefully researched by Mr. Lam to find a satisfactory and timely solution for the problem. client.

    CEO Trần Văn Lãm
    CEO Tran Van Lam Chairman of SaiGonDoor Group
  • With the above-mentioned heavy tasks, besides, CEO Tran Van Lam also has a vision that is far beyond that, SaiGonDoor will reach out further, develop to raise the international level. That is the plan that must provide a specific strategic plan, outline the right path, lead the staff and employees together to build a strong sustainable development SaiGonDoor brand. From there, aiming to lead the TOP position in the Vietnamese market for doors and furniture, and at the same time, it is a premise to penetrate and develop and export products to Asian countries and the world.

    CEO Trần Văn Lãm
    CEO Tran Van Lam receives foreign customers
  • To do this noble thing requires all employees of SaiGonDoor company to always create motivation to strive for development, to have high enthusiasm and determination, to be responsible for the company, customers and for the company. society and always try to learn and research to accumulate more valuable experiences. In particular, as a CEO – Mr. Tran Van Lam is always making continuous efforts to improve himself, always learning from colleagues, employees and training programs, always practicing himself. leadership and management skills.
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  • With many years of experience in managing and leading large corporations, plus his youth, spirit of learning, creativity, burning enthusiasm and determination, firmly believe that CEO Mr. Tran Van Lam can fully fulfill the set mission and vision. Since then, bringing SaiGon Door closer to customers, becoming the first choice in the future when using wooden door products, fireproof doors, plastic doors and furniture for kitchen cabinets, kitchen shelves, wardrobes , wardrobe, interior design, decorative lamina, bed, shoe cabinet, TV shelf, etc. When mentioning SaiGonDoor, it comes to the door, when it comes to the door, it reminds me of SaiGon Door.


CEO Trần Văn Lãm
CEO Tran Van Lam leads SaiGonDoor company

As Chairman of the Board of Directors AND CEO, I CEO Tran Van Lam always focuses on meaningful messages in providing and distributing products to meet the needs of customers. best way. Therefore, the company’s products are always guaranteed in terms of quality, design and design, and at the same time have reasonable and affordable prices.

Cua thep chong chay

Besides, we also have to know how to meet the purchasing needs of a large number of customers in different segments. Therefore, the price of the products varies from low to high depending on the respective product line. Therefore, depending on their needs and financial capabilities, customers can choose and order the most suitable product line.

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In addition to the customer aspect, all departments of the company must coordinate to build and manage an effective apparatus. The departments built in the company need to perform their assigned tasks well, coordinate with each other and have a close connection to accomplish the mission and goals of the company in the best way. This shows that the company operates not only for the sake of profit, but also for the benefit of customers and the interests of the employees themselves.

CEO Trần Văn Lãm
CEO Tran Van Lam and company employees at Showroom

Speaking of individual employees in the company, I encourage each employee’s self-discipline, diligence and responsible working spirit. No matter what job they do, whatever their position, employees also need to ensure that they work really effectively and for the team.Introducing CEO Tran Van Lam, owner of SaiGonDoor Group Joint Stock Company. Lam has brought the company and SaiGonDoor brand to thrive, becoming a reputable brand voted by consumers. CEO Tran Van Lam has made great contributions to the company’s development orientation, being a captain with the right vision and strategic direction. Lam has led the entire staff of SaiGonDoor and led the company to develop towards a promising future.


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