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Taiwan plastic doors the choice for beautiful living space
Taiwan plastic door imitation wood plastic door is a new line of doors appearing on the market. Products are manufactured on modern machinery technology lines of Taiwan. Good quality plastic doors contribute to the high aesthetic value of the interior space.

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The birth of wood imitation plastic doors is inevitable, because with the current situation, products made from natural wood are gradually running out. That is why natural wood doors are often very expensive. So not everyone can be qualified to install natural wood doors.
Taiwan plastic door is made from high quality plastic profile bar. These plastic profile bars are made from high quality virgin plastic particles. These plastic beads are imported from advanced countries. The color of the plastic is very similar to the color of wood, so when forming the door product, it looks as beautiful and attractive as the real wood product.
Taiwan plastic doors have high durability, because they are made from primary plastic, so they are very safe for users and the living environment. The surface of the wooden plastic door is smooth, the color and texture is like real wood, so it brings high aesthetic value to the wave space. That is the reason why, although introduced to the Vietnamese market not long ago, this door product has quickly become the first choice of people.
Structure of Taiwan wooden plastic door.
The main component that makes up the Taiwanese plastic door is PVC. This plastic is pressed into each sheet by leading advanced machinery and equipment. The surface of PVC is polished and sprayed with wood grain to look like the real thing.
Taiwan fake wood plastic doors have many outstanding advantages that other door products can hardly have. Not only has the natural color like the color of real wood, the product also has a smooth, smooth and thick surface that can be cleaned easily. Wood imitation plastic doors have high durability, good heat and sound insulation, so that the interior space is always cool and quiet. Plastic doors are light in weight, so they also have the effect of reducing the load on the building.
Applications of Taiwan plastic doors in life
Taiwan fake wood plastic doors are used a lot in life. Products are used to install for many different projects from civil works to social security works, welfare works.
This plastic door is installed in many different positions from the entrance door to the door, balcony door, bedroom …. Especially with good water resistance and no warping under all environmental conditions, faux wood doors are often installed in toilets and bathrooms.
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Taiwan wood imitation plastic doors have many outstanding advantages
Where to buy quality and reputable Taiwanese plastic doors?
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