Wood plastic doors are one of the door products that were born to give people a private living space, ensuring aesthetic value. Wood plastic doors are created from primary plastic particles such as PVC or ABS plastic.

Cửa nhựa gỗ mang đến không gian sống đẹp và sang trọng
Wooden plastic doors bring a beautiful and luxurious living space
Wood plastic door structure
The structure of the wooden plastic door includes the following parts: Door frame. door, door brace and thread.
Wood plastic door frame: the door frame is connected to the door through the door hinge. The door frame plays an extremely important role because it determines the accuracy and stability of the entire door. In fact, the opening and closing function of the door is mainly based on the door frame, not the door as we think.
Door: Plastic doors are made from plastic and this is the main part that determines the aesthetic value of the door. Because the door has the largest area of ​​the door set.
Splints, moldings of plastic doors: The main task of the moldings is to cover the gaps between the door frame and the wall.
Why should you use wooden doors?
Wood plastic doors are the door products that many people choose for modern life. Why?
Low cost: The first reason why many people choose wood grain plastic doors is the low cost. You also know that natural wood doors are now very expensive, that’s why the majority of people do not have enough conditions to use natural wood. Wood plastic doors are cheaper, so many people choose.
High aesthetic value: Wood plastic doors have a smooth surface with textures and colors similar to natural wood, so they are guaranteed to have high aesthetic value, bringing luxury and class to the living space.
Can be used in many different locations: Due to being made of plastic, the door is waterproof, so it is commonly used in wet environments such as bathrooms, toilets, balcony doors.
No warping, termites: Compared to natural wooden doors, wooden plastic doors do not warp or crack because of the weather. More importantly, it does not get termites like natural wood. Therefore, high durability brings long-term use value to the product.
Mua cửa nhựa vân gỗ nên chọn siêu thị cửa Sài Gòn
Buy wood grain plastic doors should choose Saigon door supermarket
Wood plastic door application.
Wood plastic doors are used in many different projects. Modern life, from home to the street to the office, everywhere you see wooden plastic doors. Because this is a plastic door product with high application. Doors are installed in many different positions: windows, room doors, balcony doors, restroom doors, bathrooms
Saigondoor showroom system distributes wooden plastic doors
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Above are a few things that you should know about plastic doors. Please contact Saigondoor when you have a need to own a plastic door product as desired.
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