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Korean steel doors are popular for their high safety, preventing fire from occurring, avoiding the possibility of rapid fire spread, as well as ensuring your belongings and your family’s life.
Korean steel doors fireproof
Fire resistance is the biggest advantage of this Korean steel door. Therefore, this type of steel door is specially designed, unlike any other door. Doors with the effect of blocking those fires are considered the mission of the Korean steel door system.
The product will promote its maximum effect in a certain period of time, helping to control as well as ensure property, prolonging the time to help you escape the fire more safely. Fire resistance for duration: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes.
Applications: Exit areas, factories, workshops, hotels, schools, airports, high-rise buildings, offices, auxiliary works, commercial centers, government projects, etc.
Cửa thép Hàn Quốc chống cháy hiệu quả
Korean steel doors effectively resist fire
Ensure life safety
Safety is the main advantage for users to own a set of Korean steel doors. Instead of buying a normal set of interior doors, Korean steel doors can give you as well as fully meet the outstanding features that a regular door set does not have such as: Anti-termite, broken, fireproof , soundproof, soundproof…
The outside of the Korean steel door is definitely made from high-grade steel or alloy materials that can withstand great heat as well as good strength without deformation. Details of the latch and lock are also aimed at high safety. Users when buying Korean steel door products will feel secure to use and ensure their own property and safety.
Easy maintenance
For wooden door products, it is often very easy to be damaged, because wooden doors, when used for a period of time, will be damaged by termites. However, the Korean steel door system is painted with electrostatic paint, simple to clean, not subject to termites like wooden doors, and very durable. The exterior of the fireproof door is calculated very technically.
Dòng cửa kính tận dụng tối đa ánh sáng tự nhiên tính thẩm mỹ cao
The line of glass doors makes the most of natural light with high aesthetics
Unlike ordinary wooden doors, you have to call a technician to repair constantly because the door is not solid, or termites make you lose sleep and have to maintain it regularly.
Therefore, Korean steel doors are highly appreciated, most commonly used today in families, apartment buildings, villas, resorts ….
No cracks, no damage
This is the main advantage of Korean steel doors compared to ordinary wooden doors. Because in Vietnam, the climate of the tropical monsoon humid changes erratically. For normal wooden doors, when the air humidity is too high, the door will expand, in the hot summer, the wooden door will shrink. This leads to the difference in the size of the wooden door as well as the appearance of cracks or warping or the original aesthetic.
Meanwhile, Korean steel doors withstand all influences from the outside. The door can still keep its original state and aesthetics. Obviously at this point, Korean steel doors are  a top choice.
Competitive cost
The cost of Korean steel will be slightly higher than other common wooden doors. This is understandable because this type of steel door has many outstanding advantages of the product, and the materials are also more expensive, so the higher price of Korean steel doors is obvious.
Thus, the sharing about Korean steel doors above of SaiGonDoor will help customers feel secure when using this product and if you have a need to buy Korean steel doors, please contact SaiGonDoor by Hotline: 0899.400 .400 or Website: https://saigondoor.vn/ .for advice!
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