Sungyu wood plastic door is a high-class door line used for installation in many different locations. The product is made from high quality primary plastic and wooden set. These two materials are mixed together and then molded into molds to create plastic door products that have the same texture and color as real wood.

Cửa nhựa gỗ Sungyu mang đến không gian sống đẹp
Sungyu wooden plastic door brings a beautiful living space
Sungyu wood plastic doors have good water resistance, much lighter weight than natural wood, bright colors do not fade, no warping, termites. Therefore, the product is now becoming the first choice of the majority of people.
Doors are manufactured with many different models, shapes and sizes, providing many options for users. Besides, compared to natural wooden doors, the price of wood plastic is much cheaper, suitable for people’s financial ability.
Structure of Sungyu wooden plastic door
The main component of Sungyu wood plastic doors is the wood plastic board. This wood plastic sheet is created from wood pulp and high-grade PVC resin combined with specialized glues. These materials are mixed together under high temperature and pressure conditions and molded into a product with good strength and hardness.
Sungyu wood plastic doors inherit all the advantages of wood such as proof, solidity, beautiful color, and luxury. At the same time, it can overcome the disadvantages of wood such as: good water resistance, no corrosion, termites, light weight, cheap price, smooth surface can be cleaned easily.
Application of Sungyu wooden plastic door
With many outstanding advantages, that’s why Sungyu wood plastic doors are chosen by many people. You not only see this plastic door product in private living spaces but also see it being used in other environments such as in offices, hospitals, schools…. Due to its waterproof, termite and warping, Sungyu wood plastic doors are installed in many different locations such as balconies, room doors, bathroom doors, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.
In addition, due to its light weight, wooden plastic doors are preferred for use in apartment buildings and high-rise buildings to reduce the load on the building.
Cửa nhựa gỗ Sungyu cao cấp
High quality Sungyu wooden plastic door
Saigondoor provides reputable quality Sungyu wooden plastic doors
It can be said that Sungyu wooden plastic door is an extremely useful product. You will be hard pressed to find a door product that has as many advantages as this door product. Products not only have high aesthetic value but also durable over time. So where to buy wooden plastic doors?
According to research, we were introduced to Saigondoor by many people. It is known that this is a door and furniture supermarket system under the WIN Technical and Service Trading Joint Stock Company. This is a leading company in Vietnam in providing interior solutions.
Products manufactured and supplied by the company in the market have obtained ISO certification for product quality. So when buying wooden plastic doors here you can rest assured.
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