Wood grain steel doors are a very popular product line in the market, receiving many positive feedbacks from customers as well as experts in the field of interior architecture. Let’s find out more details about the pros, cons, price and application of this door with SaiGonDoor!


Cửa thép vân gỗ nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm của khách hàng
Wood grain steel doors receive a lot of attention from customers


Cửa thép vân gỗ cao cấp SaiGonDoor với nhiều ưu điểm nổi bật
SaiGonDoor high-grade wood grain steel door with many outstanding advantages
Compared with other door models, wood grain steel doors have won the hearts of many customers because of many outstanding advantages such as low price, fast production, easy installation, and high durability. Therefore, this type of door is now commonly used in many different projects.
Wood grain steel doors have good fire resistance, outstanding sound and heat insulation. From there, bringing a quiet and private living space for your family, reducing the loss of people and property when a fire incident occurs.
Wood grain steel doors have high durability, whereby the average life span is 20-30 years, even longer without damage. The door retains its color fastness after many years of use, ensuring the modern beauty of the building.
Cửa thép vân gỗ có giá thành phải chăng
Wood grain steel doors are affordable


Wood grain steel doors do not warp, shrink, termites like other wooden door models. Therefore, every year, you will not lose costs to overcome the above disadvantages.
This is considered a competitive advantage of this product.
Wood grain steel doors have high applicability, you can install it in any position whether it is the main door, the door to the room or the door to the toilet. Even if it is directly exposed to weather conditions such as sunshine and rain, it does not affect the quality.
Besides the quality, the design is also considered a distinctive highlight of this door type. Wood grain steel doors have a natural wood grain surface like traditional wooden doors, creating an attractive and luxurious beauty for any home.


Mẫu cửa thép vân gỗ 2 cánh cho nhà ở có diện tích lớn
Model of 2-leaf wood grain steel door for houses with a large area
In addition, the paint is durable, keeping the color of the door fresh even in harsh weather conditions. The paint color is always beautiful, not peeling, bringing satisfaction to customers.
Wood grain steel doors have an affordable price, which is considered suitable for the purposes and needs of a large number of customers. That is why, at present, this type of door is so widely used, in high-rise apartments, affordable houses, offices, buildings …


Cửa thép vân gỗ là dòng sản phẩm cửa thép cao cấp bán chạy tại SaiGonDoor
Wood grain steel doors are the best-selling high-end steel door product line at SaiGonDoor


Wood grain steel doors are molded on one side, this partly affects the aesthetic element of the non-fabricated side. However, this is just a point it has received little attention in housing projects.
Compared to other types of doors, wood grain steel doors have a heavier weight, so transportation and installation will be difficult. Specifically, the high-quality 4-leaf wooden door models with large weight and size will cost you more time and money.
Some opinions say that the production of wood grain steel doors is relatively long from 15-20 days. However, this disadvantage can be completely overcome, you can contact the manufacturer to order the door sample as required to best ensure the progress of the project.
Thus, despite some limitations, wood grain steel doors are still a prominent product line in the market because of many outstanding features in terms of quality and price. If you are interested in this door model, don’t miss the latest designs of SaiGonDoor!



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