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Cheap wooden doors are a hot keyword after the demand for wooden doors is increasing. Because of the variety of models, sizes and styles in design, bringing new colors on the market of industrial wooden doors in particular and wooden doors in general.
It can be said that cheap industrial wooden doors are the right choice at the moment, but that’s only true when you order them at stores and reputable door brands. Why is that, let’s find out more details with Saigondoor through the following article!
Introduction and definition of cheap wooden doors
Mẫu cửa gỗ giá rẻ
Cheap wooden door model
Cheap wooden doors are industrial wooden doors that are sold at the same price as many other traditional cheap door lines on the market. But there are differences like:
– Being evaluated and recognized for the exterior is almost equivalent to traditional wooden doors.
– Long life and many times higher than cheap door lines.
– Selected design and size, unlike cheap doors that are manufactured in 1 size and limited design.
– Policy of warranty, installation and maintenance is better than traditional cheap door product lines. Because the quality of industrial wood doors is more assured, durability and limited errors in the process of use are much better.
Cheap wooden door construction
The structure of wooden doors will determine the quality of doors of each brand and line of cheap wooden doors:
(1) Wood door construction materials. Usually will choose peach wood instead of Melaleuca or pine. Because pine has a very short harvest time, only about 6 years, it is the most suitable material for cheap wooden doors.
(2) Polymer coating will replace HDF/MDF coatings. To reduce the cost of door products.
(3) The outermost coating uses a PU coating that is not a reputable brand. And just enough gloss needed for customers to choose. And durability, color fading is not guaranteed.
Therefore, most of today’s cheap wooden doors are doors with a lifespan of less than 20 years. More specifically, 5-7 years is the end of the “date” of use. This is also a concern of many people when choosing this wooden door line.
Application of cheap wooden doors
Mẫu cửa gỗ giá rẻ được lắp đặt tại phòng trọ
Cheap wooden door model is installed in the room
The cheap wooden door line is widely applied to motel rooms, fully furnished rental houses and some civil and commercial buildings with low investment. In particular, cheap wooden doors are also chosen a lot for Homestays, movie studios, ….
But there is a point to note about the longevity that users who buy it can still guarantee a product life of at least 10 years. If you pay attention:
– Place in an area with low humidity, avoid installing areas exposed to water such as bathrooms, toilets.
– Proper maintenance by lubricating, avoiding strong door closing and other shocks such as door knocking, door kicking, … with very strong force, even high-end wooden doors can be uncomfortable.
– Choosing a reputable address, a quality door brand will ensure a long life as well as an exact specific warranty period.
Contact to order quality cheap wooden doors today
Currently, Saigondoor has provided to the market a number of quality cheap wooden doors. In order to bring opportunities for many low-budget customers: Cheap wooden doors SGD 01; Cheap wooden door SGD 02; Cheap wooden door SGD 03.
Guaranteed high quality, service life of at least 10 years and the most reasonable price. This will be the wisest and most economical choice on the market for cheap wooden doors.
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