Composite Sungyu plastic door model, also known as Sungyu high-class wooden plastic door, is known as a very good waterproof and termite wood plastic door.
Sungyu wood plastic composite doors are made from composite wood pulp and plastic particles combined together. After going through chemical treatment and molding to create a modern, high-class wooden plastic door that is 99% like real wood, and especially has high water resistance.


Mẫu cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu mã LX

Advantages of Sung Yu wooden plastic doors:

  • Fully water resistant, impermeable, non-abrasive, moisture and termite resistant.
  • The surface is covered with faux wood grain to give it a luxurious feel like real wood.
  • The paint finish is durable, does not fade, and is easy to clean.
  • Good sound insulation and insulation thanks to a surface thickness of up to 4cm.
  • Compact design, easy to install.
  • Diverse designs, models, keeping up with trends, satisfying all aesthetic needs of customers.
In the article below, let’s find out and choose the top 20 most popular Sungyu Composite doors with SaigonDoor today.

1. Sungyu Composite door model code SYB

This is a line of Sungyu Composite doors covered with high-grade wood grain on the surface, made from specialized industrial glue, so it has high adhesion. The Sungyu wood grain door line is code SYB.
SYB code looks modern and luxurious. The wood grain coating on the door surface is as beautiful as natural wood. This high-grade wood grain surface helps to keep the door from being scratched, always keeping a glossy, luxurious look, easy to clean.
The Sungyu Composite door model with code SYB can be installed in many locations such as the bedroom door, toilet, bathroom or maybe the living room…

Mẫu 1: Cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu mã SYB làm cửa phòng vệ sinh

Mẫu 2: Mẫu cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB họa tiết

Mẫu 3: Cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB ô kính

Mẫu 4: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB vân gỗ

Mẫu 5: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB trơn màu

Mẫu 6: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB sang trọng 

Mẫu 7: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB giả gỗ

Mẫu 8: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYB sơn trắng

2. Sungyu Composite door model code SYA

SYA code of Sungyu Composite door model belongs to the mid-range wooden door segment. The material is similar to the Sungyu SYB and Sungyu LX composite doors.
The difference of the SYA code is that the door surface is painted with a high-adhesive paint, keeping the door color stable over time and still exuding a noble elegance.
SYA door code has a diverse color palette for customers to choose from.

Mẫu 9: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYA sơn gỗ tự nhiên

Mẫu 10: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYA xanh pastel

Mẫu 11: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYA trắng sữa

Mẫu 12: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYA gỗ đậm

Mẫu 13: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYA trắng be ô vuông

Mẫu 14: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu SYA trắng sơn bóng

3.  Sungyu Composite door model code LX

Code LX, also known as Sungyu Luxury plastic door, is the most modern Sungyu plastic composite door. The door is painted with an extremely durable imitation wood paint, fresh and luxurious colors. Thanks to the protection of the high-grade wood grain paint, the door does not fade and peel. In addition, the LX code door is also extremely waterproof and moisture-wicking.

Mẫu 15: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu LX  sơn gỗ đỏ

Mẫu 16: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu LX trắng họa tiết

Mẫu 17: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu LX vân gỗ sang trọng

Mẫu 18: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu LX sơn gỗ

Mẫu 19: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu LX hoa văn ô vuông

Mẫu 20: cửa nhựa Composite Sungyu LX hiện đại

Above are the 20 most popular Sungyu Composite doors that we have selected to introduce to you. Come to SaiGonDoor’s premises for more choices and the best experience!
With the criterion of always putting the interests of customers first, SaiGonDoor ensures to always produce and provide the best, quality and most prestigious products.
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