Wood grain steel door  is made of high quality, durable steel material, so it has high durability and good resistance to different impact conditions from the outside environment. In addition, thanks to the beautiful wood grain surface, the wood grain steel door has a very high aesthetic value.

Cửa thép vân gỗ được làm từ chất liệu thép cao cấp, bền bỉ
Wood grain steel door is made from high quality, durable steel material
Origin of wood grain steel door
Wood grain steel doors originate from Western countries. The initial purpose is to provide doors to prevent and limit damage caused by fire and explosion. On the other hand, Western countries always find suitable new materials, helping to gradually replace old materials to improve products with the best quality and usefulness.
At that time, steel doors only had the task of ensuring safety, preventing fire and explosion (all key commercial areas, schools, hospitals, office buildings … all used fireproof steel doors for the purpose. this).
To China and Vietnam, to suit the aesthetics as well as the market, companies gradually improve steel doors and apply wood grain painting techniques to the surface of the door, creating the same layers of wood grain color as real wood grain color.
Since then, in the market, wood grain steel doors have been well received and used a lot to install gate doors, main doors, room doors, bedroom doors, windows for townhouses, main doors of apartments and offices. …
Advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors with steel grain
7 outstanding advantages of wood grain steel doors
Safety: Wood grain steel doors offer much higher safety than other types of doors on the market today.
Good fire resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation: Wood grain steel doors have excellent fire resistance and sound insulation. Especially can prevent smoke, anti-explosion.
High durability: Wood grain steel doors are made from steel as the main material, made in a modern factory and can be used for 20 to 30 years or even longer without any damage.
Wood grain steel doors usually never warp, shrink or termite, crack like other types of wooden doors. Every year, you also do not have to spend money to fix these disadvantages.
Bạn có thể lắp cửa thép vân gỗ ở mọi vị trí
You can install wood grain steel doors in any position
You can install wood grain steel doors in any position, including locations exposed to direct sunlight and rain without affecting the quality of the door.
The wood grain layer is made exactly like the real natural wood grain, with aesthetics, eye-catching appearance, rich color. Especially with a super durable outer layer, used in all environmental conditions without fear of peeling.
Reasonable price, better than natural or industrial wood doors.
3 disadvantages of wood grain steel doors
Wood grain steel door is molded on 1 side. This partly affects the aesthetics of the door on the non-carved side.
Transport and installation will be more difficult because they are made of heavy steel (eg 4-leaf doors) relatively difficult, due to the size and weight of the door is relatively large. This makes the shipping cost expensive, installing the raised door is a bit higher in case you install it in small quantities, 1-2 sets.
Production time for wood grain steel doors is a bit long, from about 25-30 days. Therefore, to avoid losing time, you should order early.
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