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MDF Laminate door is one of the high-class industrial wood doors. Used a lot in interior construction and is an investment solution that saves money compared to natural wood doors.

Những mẫu cửa gỗ MDF Laminate Saigondoor
Samples of MDF Laminate Saigondoor doors
– Is a wood line produced from two types of hardwood and softwood. Depending on the specific model of the door and the type of fireproof door or not, the wood composition will account for a higher percentage of hardwood than soft wood or vice versa (for MDF Laminate doors the cheaper the price, the more soft wood is used. ).
– Similar to other wood lines MDF, the MDF Laminate line also takes Laminate as a decoration and shaping material for wooden door models.
Structure of MDF Laminate Saigondoor door
Saigondoor is a reputable brand for a long time, Saigondoor-branded door products have been on the market since 2010. Up to now, Saigondoor is proud and honored to be the leading trusted address today. Voted as Top 10 strongest brands in ASEAN 2020.
And in that, a line of wooden doors has contributed to the success of today: MDF Laminate Saigondoor. So what makes our wooden door model so successful?
The answer lies in the structure of the MDF Laminate door, which has brought outstanding quality and very long durability / lifespan (over 15 years). Specifically, the structure of MDF Laminate doors includes:
– Dimensions: 800 x 2,100 mm or 900 x 2,200 mm (can be ordered according to customers’ specific requirements).
– The total number of layers is composed of 5 layers:
+ Overlay: there is 1 layer of Overlay.
+ The middle layer creates wood grain: there is a layer of Decorative Paper.
+ Core layer: there are 3 layers of Kraft Paper (Based Paper Layer) tightly bonded together by glue during heating to create high stability.
Application of MDF Laminate Saigondoor door
Cửa gỗ MDF Laminate Saigondoor được lắp đặt tại căn hộ chung cư cao cấp
MDF Laminate Saigondoor doors are installed in a high-class apartment
MDF Laminate industrial wood doors are applied in most interior door items: used as doors, room doors, bedroom doors, office doors,…
Because the door has a light weight, it should avoid sagging hinges, reduce the work load, soundproof, good thermal insulation, water resistant and easy to clean.
Types of MDF Laminate wood doors
Currently, Saigondoor offers 3 main models of MDF Laminate doors:
– Moisture resistant: suitable for environmental conditions with high humidity.
– Fireproof: fireproof and prevent fire for a certain time.
– Normal: suitable for needs and some ideal installation areas, and the cheapest price among 3 types of MDF Laminate.
Saigondoor showroom system provides MDF Laminate doors
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Saigondoor will respond quickly and offer the most attractive price to all customers.
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