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Fireproof glass, also known as reinforced glass or clear mesh glass, frosted mesh glass, or clear glass is a line of glass that the reinforcement is embedded in during the manufacturing process. Most of the elements, features, and uses are similar to ordinary float glass, but in case of breakage, the glass pieces do not fall because they are retained by the mesh.

Kính chống cháy
Fireproof glass
Glass line usually has many different colors, usually clear white, green, blue … Fireproof glass is a popular glass product domestically and globally, especially in the current era.
Hazards are always lurking around people from the surrounding objects, so fireproof glass was born and overcome. Fireproof glass wall with the ability to block the transmission of heat, reduce and slow down the fire process of the glass. In particular, there are fireproof glasses for up to 120 minutes, 90 minutes and 60 minutes.
The advantage of this type of glass is to prevent toxic fumes from spreading into the air, thereby limiting the danger to people. When using fireproof glass doors, you can close the door to prevent the spread of flames to the surrounding area.
Application of fireproof glass in life
In the glass production process, which has been tempered in high temperature, these fireproof glass doors have the ability to minimize the case of glass being broken due to thermal shock. In the event of a fire, the broken glass will be retained by the steel mesh panels structured in this glass. Sharp fragments will not be able to scatter, thereby reducing the danger to people when they collide.
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Fireproof glass installed in the office
Fireproof glass is made by high technology which increases the thermal strength of float glass. Fireproof glass partition has many outstanding features such as heat resistance, strength and high safety, widely used in apartments, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals…
Fireproof glass is often made for areas near cooking and food processing areas such as kitchens, dining rooms or heating areas to minimize the risk of fire and explosion, thus ensuring your safety and security. family members.
Today’s fireproof glass is widely used in buildings, architectural projects of houses, organizations, shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Current glass has many colors, usually Used for: fireproof glass windows, fireproof glass partitions, glass doors, etc.
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