Korean ABS plastic door is a door product manufactured from ABS plastic sheet. This is a special plastic, ABS plastic contains additives, so it has the ability to slow down. The ABS plastic panels are vacuum molded, so they have very good noise resistance.


Today, ABS plastic doors are widely used because this product has effective fire resistance. The space where this door is installed when there is a fire will not easily burn to another space, because the fire ability of ABS plastic doors is very poor. When burning, ABS plastic will shrink and melt and not flare up into a flame like natural wooden doors, or other ordinary plastic doors.
Korean plastic doors were originally manufactured to suit the climatic conditions of Korea. When imported into Vietnam, manufacturers have improved it to make it more suitable for the climatic conditions and living environment of Vietnam.
Composition of ABS?
ABS plastic doors are made up of 2 main materials, ABS plastic and honeycomb (also known as honeycomb paper). In there:
ABS plastic is a flexible plastic consisting of 3 main components: Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. This type of plastic has outstanding features compared to traditional plastic materials. ABS plastic is harder, glossier, more supple and more resistant to impact.
In the middle is honeycomb paper, this material has good sound and heat insulation. Besides, it also has good hardness to help increase the rigidity of the door.
The door frame is made from PVC Foam, the surface of the plastic bar is covered with wood grain, bringing high aesthetic value to the building, and at the same time has very good moisture resistance.
The application of this type of door in practice?
Korean ABS plastic doors are widely used in practice. The product is available in a variety of colors to suit many different spaces. We can see ABS plastic doors in civil works, office buildings, halls ….
ABS plastic doors can be installed in many different positions such as windows, balcony doors, room doors, bathroom doors, toilets….

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Where to buy ABS plastic doors?
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