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PVC coated wooden door is a type of wooden door whose inside is made from traditional wood, outside is covered by a layer of artificial PVC. The wood inside is melaleuca, pine… which has been treated against termites. The plastic layer on the outside is modern vacuum pressed. The combination of these two materials has created a product with a flat surface with sharp patterns that ordinary wooden doors do not have.

Cửa gỗ phủ nhựa PVC nâng giá trị cuộc sống
Wooden doors covered with PVC increase the value of life

PVC-coated wooden doors have the same durability as traditional wooden doors, have high aesthetic value, luxury and class, and are cheap.
Construction of wooden doors covered with PVC
PVC coated wooden doors are like other common wooden doors. Its structure also includes parts such as:

Không gian sống đẹp với cửa gỗ phủ nhựa PVC
Beautiful living space with wooden doors covered with PVC
Frame: The door frame is made from Melaleuca, pine, etc. These woods have been treated and dried, so they can resist termites very well. The surface of the door frame wood is covered with a melamine MDF with high aesthetic value and has a protective effect for the wood inside.
The door: The door consists of a processed wooden frame, the two sides of the frame are pressed by two MDF boards covered with a layer of PVC on the surface.
Splints; The splint of the door is also made from wood covered with PVC, although it is only a very small detail, but the splint contributes to the completion of the door set, making the door more beautiful and perfect. This product is responsible for sealing the gaps between the wall and the door frame.
Application of PVC coated wooden doors
Talking about the application, perhaps at present, there is no other type of wooden door that is as widely used as this PVC-coated wooden door. You can see it everywhere from home to office, school, restaurant, hotel, cafe, Karaoke room, toilet… Why is it so widely applied?
High aesthetic value: This is standing, guys, because it is made from wood and covered with a layer of wood grain PVC on the outside, but the advantage of this plastic is that it does not fade, so it is always beautiful and beautiful. luxurious.
Light: Compared with natural wood and industrial wood, this PVC coated wooden door product is lighter in weight. Therefore, when installed, it will contribute to reducing the load of the building. Especially high-rise buildings or apartment buildings.
Cheap: Compared with natural wooden doors, this wooden door product is much cheaper, suitable for the economic conditions of the majority of Vietnamese people.
It can be said that PVC coated wooden doors are a useful product for our lives. They are used very widely in life not only because they bring high aesthetic value to the building and the space used. It also saves costs.
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