ABS plastic doors are doors with components made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styene) and additives. ABS plastic doors originate from Korea and Taiwan. In these two countries, ABS plastic doors are extremely widely used. Even in Korea, there is a regulation that all apartment projects in this country are required to use ABS plastic doors.

Cửa nhựa ABS có nhiều màu sắc khác nhau
ABS plastic doors have many different colors
To create ABS plastic door products, the manufacturer uses ABS plastic along with well-mixed additives. Then put into the vacuum molding machine to mold into plastic sheets with low flammability, high hardness and durability. The plastic bars are then shaped to become a plastic door product with the desired shape.
Why this provision? The reason is because:
When ABS plastic melts, it will not spread, but only flows down and then shrinks, so it has effective fire resistance.
The product does not shrink when it is cold, nor does it crack when it is hot. Therefore, it is very suitable for temperate weather conditions like that of Korea.
Effective in reducing the load for the building: Due to its light weight, the use of ABS plastic doors is the best solution to reduce the load of the works.
Overcoming the scope of Korea and Taiwan, ABS plastic doors are now quite popular in some Asian countries. And Vietnam is one of them.
Structure of ABS plastic door
ABS plastic doors are composed of the following parts:
Cấu tạo cửa nhựa ABS
ABS plastic door structure


ABS plastic door construction
2 sheets of DeCo-Sheet turpentine on the outside: This plastic is very durable and has good impact resistance.
The inner frame is made of PVC wood with good expandability, which makes it a perfect support for the assembly of door accessories.
Next is a layer of LVL plastic for perfect water resistance. An advantage that no other door type has.
Inside the core of the ABS plastic door is a layer of honeycomb paper with a honeycomb-like texture that provides high sound insulation and reduces weight for the door.
How are ABS plastic doors used?
ABS plastic doors are very widely used in life. Products are used as doors, bathroom doors, toilets, balcony doors, bedroom doors, dining rooms …. Not only installed in the living space of families, ABS plastic doors are also widely used in offices, restaurants, and hotels. Due to its light weight, this type of door is most commonly used in high-rise buildings and apartment buildings.
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