Composite plastic door as the name implies, this is a door made from composite plastic, a type of high-grade imitation wood plastic door. Composite plastic is also known as wood plastic.

Cửa nhựa gỗ composite cho không gian sang trọng Cửa nhựa gỗ composite cho không gian sang trọng
Composite plastic door SYA 535
Wood plastic composite is a natural fiber resin reinforced with resin. This is a special material, this material is made up of resin and wood pulp and combined with some cellulose-based additives. Wood plastic composite is used in many areas of the furniture industry. In particular, the main door is a typical product made from composite plastic.
Wood plastic composite door has the same design as a real wooden door. You will still find doors with attractive ridges. But compared to natural wood doors, composite wood doors never fade under any conditions. The door surface is smooth and smooth, so it can be cleaned and wiped, especially the door has good water resistance.
How to build composite wood plastic doors?
Composite plastic doors appeared in the European market many years ago. But it was not until recent years that this door product was known by Vietnamese people and quickly became a favorite product. Composite doors are mainly composed of plastic and wood pulp. This plastic wooden door has good water resistance, no termites and high hardness while still having the compaction of wood. Wood plastic doors have the following structure:
2 layers of PVC film coated on the surface, this film has an absolute waterproof effect, the film does not warp nor shrink, less scratched.
Next is the wood plastic composite layer, this wood plastic layer is created from wood glue mixed with composite resin and then molded into a panel by a system of modern machinery under the supervision and monitoring of skilled workers.
Application of composite plastic doors in life?
Composite plastic doors are designed with many different designs, colors are also rich and diverse. Therefore, it can be suitable for many different spaces. You can use this type of door for modern architectural space, it can also be used in classical and neoclassical interior spaces.
Cửa nhựa gỗ composite được lắp đặt ở nhiều vị trí khác nhau
Wood plastic composite doors are installed in many different locations
Because the main component of the product is plastic, it has good water resistance. Therefore, this type of door is often used in areas that are often exposed to water such as toilets, bathrooms, curved doors. Not only that, the door also has good noise resistance, so it is also used in places where there is a lot of traffic and traffic to prevent sound pollution.
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