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MDF Veneer door is a model of MDF industrial wood door and covered with thin veneer. However, the wooden frame and the thickness of MDF are thinner than that of natural wood doors. Depending on the price and wood model, the difference ranges from 1mm-20mm.

Một số mẫu cửa mdf veneer
Some models of mdf veneer doors
In addition, MDF veneer doors are evaluated in terms of appearance similar to natural door lines. This is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. And the most effective way to distinguish:
– Opening and closing: MDF doors open and close lighter than natural doors.
– The smell of wood: MDF doors have a characteristic plastic smell, different from the natural aroma of natural wood. This plastic smell may or may not be harmful, depending on whether the manufacturing facility complies with environmental and health safety regulations.
Therefore, in order to buy MDF Veneer doors at the right price, high quality and safety for users’ health, you should choose a reputable facility with full documents related to the origin of the wood and the glue used in the process. wood production.
Structure of MDF Veneer Saigondoor door
Currently, Saigondoor is providing the market with high-quality and safe, consumer-friendly MDF Veneer door products. Specifically, the structure of Saigondoor’s MDF Veneer doors is made up of 3 main layers and the whole process uses safe, non-toxic materials and materials.
– Layer 1: The skeleton wood layer is made entirely of 100% natural wood.
– Layer 2: Cover 2 MDF panels that have been treated and reached a thickness of 4.5mm / sheet to cover the skeleton layer.
– Layer 3: Apply PU paint to create gloss, color fastness and increase the scratch resistance of wooden doors.
In addition, the wing thickness is from 38-40mm, the standard frame thickness is 40 x 110mm and the standard width x height dimensions are 800 x 2,100mm or 900 x 2,200mm (customers can change the size depending on the size). in actual work).
Application of MDF Veneer wood door
Cửa gỗ MDF Veneer được lắp tại phòng khách
MDF veneer doors are installed in the living room
The MDF door series in general and the MDF Veneer door model are used in most interior door constructions. From luxury apartments to luxury villas, or commercial centers, shopping centers. To townhouses, private houses. And suitable for all installation areas: restrooms, main doors, room doors, etc.
Classification of MDF Veneer Saigondoor doors
There are many different ways to classify MDF Veneer doors. So, in order to help customers shop comfortably and choose the most accurate door line, Saigondoor has relied on veneer layers to classify doors. And now there are 4 most popular door types;
– Doors made of MDF Veneer Carmridges.
– Wood door MDF Veneer Xoan Dao.
– MDF Veneer Ash wood door.
– MDF Veneer Sapele wood door.
Saigondoor showroom system distributes MDF veneer doors
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