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Plastic doors are a line of doors that are widely used in today’s life. This type of door is made from PVC, ABS plastic, steel core plastic…. These plastic beads are pressed into monolithic plastic sheets and then formed into sets of doors of different sizes.
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Plastic doors in different colors
The introduction of plastic doors is an essential need of society when natural wooden doors are increasingly depleted due to overexploitation by humans. Doors made of plastic have many outstanding features such as: diverse colors, good water resistance, no warping, termites. durable. This door product is designed to suit all different spaces.
The most popular type of door today is the door made from uPVDC (steel core plastic). Because of the reinforced steel core, this type of door also has very good fire resistance.

Components of plastic doors.

The main component that makes up this type of plastic door product is the uPVC profile bar. Inside the profile bar is specially designed to be able to install additional reinforcing steel core bars. The purpose of this job is to increase the bearing capacity of the door. In addition, the box glass and some other metal accessories are installed with the product to increase the sturdiness and aesthetic value. for the door.
Plastic doors are modern door products designed to suit many architectural projects with modern design. Compared with traditional wooden doors, this type of door has many more superior features such as: diverse colors, can resist noise, fireproof, no warping, termites, can be used in many different environments, low price.
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Plastic door construction

Applications of plastic doors in practice

This type of door made of steel core plastic has been around for a long time in the European market. However, about 10 years ago, it really became popular in Vietnam. But with its preeminent features, this type of door has quickly dominated the Vietnamese market.
Plastic doors are used in many different constructions and environments. You can find this door product in private houses, apartments, offices…. Doors are installed in many different positions such as toilet doors, entrance doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors….No matter what space, the product also brings elegance to the works.

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