HDF industrial wooden doors are wooden doors made from natural wood materials. And bring a safe experience to users’ health, suitable for modern and luxurious home design style. But now, there are many establishments that provide interior doors and many of them are poor quality products.
What you can identify most clearly is that the price bracket is cheaper than the market floor price. And the laminate door does not have a perceived hardness because the relative touch leads to the door collapsing or concave. Therefore, if you are in need of buying quality, cheap HDF wooden doors in the price segment, let’s find out details with Saigondoor through the following article!
Introduction of HDF industrial wooden doors
Mẫu cửa gỗ công nghiệp HDF
Model of industrial wooden door HDF
Currently, on the market of providing interior wooden doors, HDF industrial wooden doors are artificial wood doors. Produced to serve the needs of life, bringing comfort and luxury like most natural doors.
At the same time, the cost is reduced to only 40-70% of the total price of natural wood doors. Therefore, HDF wooden doors in general are becoming popular, becoming the first choice for all construction projects.
HDF . industrial wooden door structure
HDF industrial wood doors are composed of the following 3 main layers:
(1) The core layer of the frame is made of pine wood (at least 25 years old). Then it is dried and hydraulically pressed to create a solid, non-toxic core frame.
(2) 8mm HDF coating smoothes the surface of the frame and door frame.
(3) PU coating before shaping and also the way to classify HDF laminates
– Melamine or Laminate door series, the outer surface is covered with Melamine or Laminate respectively. Then it is compacted, pressed and glued to the edge of the complete door.
– PVC door series. Selected designs from more than 400 models, then vacuum processed, heated over 200 degrees Celsius to perfect the product.
– Specialized door line for fire protection. Adding a 5mm calcium silicate board door core along with a fireproof grout finish for the HDF fireproof door series.
Application of HDF industrial wooden doors
Mẫu cửa gỗ công nghiệp HDF được lắp tại một căn hộ cao cấp
HDF industrial wooden door model is installed in a high-class apartment
As an industrial door line that is more appreciated than MDF industrial doors, HDF industrial wooden doors are applied more in many locations where moisture and water resistance is required. This has given many projects that use cheap plastic doors, folding doors, cheap aluminum doors, etc. to have the opportunity to choose to buy HDF doors at a price that is not much more expensive.
Calculating, with an amount of 20-30%, you can own a door line with a durability of over 20 years. Along with diverse, trendy designs and eye-catching colors.
Specifically, the construction works that have been ordered and applied the most: high-class apartments, high-class apartments, townhouses, tube houses, commercial buildings, offices, bathroom doors, restrooms, etc. …
Contact to order HDF industrial wooden doors
As introduced at the beginning, Saigondoor will be a reputable and reliable manufacturer and supplier of wooden doors for all customers and partners wishing to use HDF industrial wooden doors:
– Standard input materials, high quality adhesive additives, modern machinery and standardized production process.
– Provide a large and small number of wooden doors quickly, have a preferential policy for wholesale-retail customers and commit to the quality and warranty period of the door lines.
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