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Fire doors are specially designed doors that have good fire resistance and heat resistance to help prevent fires, explosions, and smoke from spreading to other areas. On the market today, it is widely used with all kinds of doors such as: fireproof steel doors, fireproof wood grain steel doors, fireproof glass doors.
The use is the same as the feature of this product model, so it is often installed in emergency exits, isolated areas or places with a high risk of fire and explosion incidents and especially in apartment buildings. Shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc…
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Fireproof wooden door
The installation of fireproof doors is very necessary to help protect people’s lives and properties. In particular, when there is a fire or explosion incident, it is very easy to lead to a localized fire that will affect and be dangerous to the surrounding areas. Fire doors that combine emergency bars with some accompanying accessories will be the best solution for unexpected incidents.

Construction of fireproof doors

For the design of fireproof products, especially with fireproof doors, Saigon Door has chosen materials such as steel, glass or ceramics, etc. Depending on the needs of each customer, there will be designs. specifically different to suit the intended use.
At Saigon Door you will choose the most suitable designs. There are two main types of fire doors: fireproof wooden doors and fireproof steel doors.
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Construction of fireproof doors

As for the fireproof steel door, it is used a lot. The fire resistance of this type of door is up to 4 hours under test conditions. Similar to fireproof wooden doors, the middle part of fireproof steel doors also contains glass wool.

Cấu tạo cửa gỗ chống cháy
Construction of fireproof doors
For fireproof wooden doors will be designed with good quality wood, inside will contain a type of cotton called glass wool to be able to resist fire for up to 2 hours. The cost of this product is also higher than that of conventional doors.
In addition, the accessories that come with the fire door must also have a special design. The handle, the lock core, and the lock body must also be selected and studied to withstand high temperature conditions. They all have to have their own standards for fire resistance.

Advantages of fireproof doors

Ensure life safety
Safety is the biggest reason for wanting to use a set of fire doors. Instead of conventional interior doors, fire doors can offer even more advantages. Fireproof, heat-proof, heat-insulated, soundproof, noise-proof, …
The design of the door system is super sturdy because it is made from high-quality alloy or steel that can withstand heat well as well as resist strong impacts from the outside on the door without deformation.
No cracks
This is a prominent advantage of fireproof steel doors compared to other types of doors made of other materials on the market today.
Fire doors are resistant to all external influences. Whether it’s raining, windy, or stormy, the door is still standing and shielding to ensure the safety of your family. The door can still keep its original aesthetic condition without any deformation or damage.
Easy maintenance
The fireproof door system is painted with electrostatic powder coating, is not subject to termites like wooden doors, and is very durable. Technically calculated, very safe for users.
Cleaning and maintenance becomes easier, especially fire doors are very durable, used for many years without being damaged, still beautiful and shiny.
Saigondoor – Vietnam’s leading quality fire door distribution showroom system
Currently on the market there are many units that provide fireproof doors. However, which unit to choose to ensure the quality factor and the affordable price, not everyone knows. SaiGonDoor is one of the reliable addresses that we want to introduce to you in today’s article.
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Fireproof steel door TCC-P1GO the best quality 0933.707707
With many years of operation in the market in the field of providing industrial doors, natural wooden doors, fireproof doors, it should meet a variety of customer requirements.
Especially understanding the needs, preferences and tastes of Vietnamese people in using fireproof doors, the unit always explores and improves quality to bring high-class products with affordable and suitable prices. with the economy of many people.
Above, we have introduced to you the address that sells the most prestigious and quality fire doors in Saigon. If you want to see more different door designs, please call the hotline 0818.400.400 to access the website: to be free to choose the type of door that suits your needs.
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