The company’s core value first comes from the quality of products and services that the company currently provides. The company always focuses on the quality of its products by ensuring that it meets the criteria of quality, durability, safety as well as aesthetics. This contributes to bringing products that meet the needs of customers in the best way. In addition, the company also focuses on the services provided, namely the policies of consulting, customer support, customer care, promotion, complaint settlement, etc. The company operates for the purpose of profit, but also wishes to bring the best benefits to customers and the social community.
Saigon Wooden Door Company is proud of its core values ​​built by a team of extremely professional, dedicated, thoughtful and highly responsible staff. Each of our employees in any field or department is equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform at their best in their field. In particular, the coordination of departments and the cohesion of employees at all levels contribute to creating an extremely strong company.
In addition, we also outline current and future plans and visions, and constantly strive to develop as well as correct existing errors and problems in the company, contributing to improving its position in the market.

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