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Wooden bedroom door is a type of door manufactured for bedroom space. Due to the privacy nature of this space, the door for the bedroom also has its own selection criteria. What are those criteria?

Cửa gỗ phòng ngủ thiết kế theo phong cách hiện đại
Modern design bedroom wooden door
Aesthetics: Even though it is a private space, the bedroom door still needs to be beautiful, so the first criterion to keep in mind when choosing a bedroom wooden door is the aesthetic value. Depending on the aesthetic taste of each person, you should choose for yourself a door model with a suitable design.
Durability: Most wooden doors have a very long life if installed in a good environment.
Noise resistance: The bedroom is a private space, so it is very necessary to have quiet. No one wants to be disturbed while they are sleeping or needing to concentrate on something. So a door with good soundproofing will be the best choice for this space.
Fire resistance: No one wants fire to happen, but Vietnamese people still have the saying “prevention is better than prevention”, so this criterion should not be ignored when choosing a door for a sleeping space.
Structure bedroom wooden door
Depending on your needs and conditions, you choose the type of door with the appropriate composition. There are many options available to you. You can choose doors made from natural wood, industrial wood…. But no matter what type of wooden door you choose, it still has the following components:
Door frame: The door frame is made of wood. The door frame is usually a solid sheet about 2cm thick that is fastened to the wall. The mold has the effect of supporting the door part, helping to increase the bearing capacity of the wing, protecting the wing better.
Door: The door is the largest part of the door set. When choosing a color for the door, you should choose the same color as the door frame to create uniformity.
Door sash: The door frame is just a very small detail of a wooden door, this part has the effect of closing the gaps between the door frame and the wall, bringing high aesthetic value to the door set and the space used.
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Neoclassical style bedroom wooden door
Saigondoor – showroom system providing bedroom wooden doors
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